Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Meowy Chrismouse

We know's it's a day late but we hopes efurrycat and bean had a furry nice Chrissymouse! Meowmy called and we gots to headbumpie da fone to says hi to her, our day was purrty quiet ofur dan dat tho, lotsa nappies and HAM!!! We thot about our furr-ends tho and we is gonna go read some bloggies now to see how efurrycat spended da day!

Thursday, December 6, 2007


We is sorries we hasn't been arounds, our Meowmy moofed a long ways aways!! We is lifin wif GranMeowmy and Da Buddy in our howse now, we misses Meowmy, but efurry hooman saids it was betters dat we stayed in furmiliar places, Meowmy was askeered what moofing so fars away woulds do to us for lotsa reasons.
We misses Meowmy a LOT and she misses us furry furry much. Dat's why we's not been bloggying, GranMeowmy is not goods wif da pooperbox and neifur's Da Buddy. Meowmy gets noos abouts us from GranMeowmy sumtimes so she can postie it when she does, we misses our furr-ends!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Blog Blast!

WE WANTS PEACE! WE WANTS PEACE!!! We knows dis globe is old but we didn't gets a new one in times fur da blast, we hopes dat's okies!

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Our Dare!

We's finally gots our dare piccie up, yays! Here's our Meowmy as an Ancient Roman!

Rotten Blogspot!

We tooked da lastest Dare Anastasia lefted and dressied our Meowmy up! She is an Ancient Roman (Wuzzat mean?) but blogspot's bein MEAN and won't let us put da piccie in! NO FE-AIR!! :: 24 paw stomp :: Hows can we plays if we cants shows off da piccie?!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

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We hopes efurrykitteh and bean in da blogosphere has a purr-fectly fun time tonights, be carefuls and enjoy da treats, and avoid da tricks!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Cherish Meme

Adan started this Cherish Meme for Miss Peach. We’s braking the rools a little, but we finks it’s ok this time cuz Miss Peach is such a lovin kitty and we wants to show her lots. So we’s grabbin the meme and taggin efurrycat!
Heer’s the Cherish Meme rools from Adan’s bloggy (but go tell him yoo fink it’s a way cool meme too).

★★Hey, everyone, this time, I decide to start this cherish meme, here are some ways (depends on which person you write), and bring our love to Miss Peach~! She always makes us know what love is!

1. tell us what is the most sweetest warm thing you will do to your mommy (what is the sweetest thing that your kitty will do to you)

2. And, hug your mommy, tightly… (and, hug your kitty….tightly…)

3. Tag your good friend…

4. Leave your computer, and continuing hug each other…

Well dere's six of us so we's do lotsa sweet/cute/funny fings fur our Meowmy and GranMeowmy, so here's a few of dems!

  1. We sleeps as close as we cans get to dems
  2. We follows dems efurrywhere so we knows dey's alwalys okies
  3. We purrs fur dems
  4. We makes dems laff n laff when we get 'nipped!
  5. we lets them hugs and kissies us when dey's wants too!
  6. We watch frum da winnows when they leaves, waiting fur dems to comes home
  7. We do tricks and act silly acause it makes dem laffs
  8. We luvs dems furefur and furefur


Friday, October 26, 2007

Get Well Soon!

Sweet Miss Peach isn't feeling well at all, so we's posting this pic that Monty Q put up on his bloggie to let her knows we's finking of her! Pleaze go bys her bloggie and wish her and her Mommie and her LapDaddy wells!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

another Gotcha Day!

We missed it yesserday acause Meowmy can't efur amember what dayte Hurry-cane Wilmas camed froo. On 22 October 2005, Da Buddy called Meowmy and askied her if she knew ennybuddies who coulds takes in a pair of tiny kittens he'd found where he works. Dere KittyMommy had taken dere bubbies and sissies and hidded dems, but nefur camed back fur dese two, and it was rainy and cold, PLUS dere was a MEAN EVIL ROTTEN NO GOOD WOOFIE out dere who'd already tried to EATS dems! Meowmy said she didn't know nobuddy, but to bring da littles home, an' GranMeowmy agreed (Efen tho she tried to preten to say nos!), so Da Buddy tuckied dems into a big box wif a soft shirt and broughted dems home.

Bof da bebes was tiny and scared, dey was tryin to hissy but dey was so little all that happened was mouf openins, Meowmy finks dey was only about a monf old. Since dey was so teeny, to 'tect dems from da big kitties, dey stayed in meowmy's room wif her fur a long times! Meowmy tooked care of dems, making sure dey had foods an a pottybox and a seepy box, and tons and tons of warm cuddles on her!

Does bebes is 2 years olds now,and dere names is Little B and Mister M!


Please helps yurselfs to da buff-ay, dere's tunas and shrimps and chik-hens and hams and stinky goodness and crunchy goodness, Tem-tay-shuns, and Toona Juice, Tuna Tinis, 'Nip Tinis and plain drinks fur efurryone! We's got plenty of good 'nip and toys and space to run rampant, so feel frees to join da funs!


Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Meowmy had chik-hen tenners fur her lunch and she shared wif me and Her Majesty! We got LOTS, it was so nummy nummy fur our tummies! Her Majesty will eats it outta Meowmy's hand, and she's tryin to teach me to do dats too but I's still a lil shys abouts it! We is da only ones who gots the yummy yummy chik-hen today, acause we's da only ones who asked to share wif Meowmy, so it was ALL fur us!

Little B

Pee-Ess, I was near Her Majesty on da floor afore she jumpied up to get her chik-hen and she didn't even hissie or swat me, she just lookied at me!


Our whiskers is droopy today acause our Yankees are outta da play-offs. Meomy's furry sad and disapawnted too. We hopes dey has better lucks next season!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Desktop Meme

Dis is our Meowmy's desktop piccie, it's not of us acause she says it's not fe-air to put one of us up and dere's no ways we's gonna sit stills close enough fur her to take a piccie of ALL of us togefur! So she has dis piccie, it's called "Caffeine Overload" and it's by Amy Brown, who is Meowmy's favurit artist, it's a scan of her postcard, she's got some ofurs she rotates thro too!

As you cans see, Meowmy keeps a furry minimal desktop, she doesn't like it cluttered or messy lookin, she's got a few icons, and da fingy on da ofur side is from Winnows Visstuh, dat's its!

We finks dat's it fur now! We tags Da Jellicles, Daisy, Jeter Harris, HOT(M)BC, and Skeezix!


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

More Purrfdays

Well, we don't knows exact days, but Meowmy knows about how olds we was when we camed home to her, and she's pretty sure dat Little B and Little M turn 2 years old eifur to-day or yesserday, she finks dey was about 4 weeks old when Da Buddy saveded dems from Hurry-cane Wilma and broughts dems home, and dens Miss M and Mr E have der purrfdays in the next week or so too, and da V-E-T told Meowmy dat Mr H was about der same age, so she figures he'll be 8 years old like dem!

If it's so many purrfdays, shouldn't we get extra tem-tay-shuns and toys and toona and toona jooce?

Friday, September 21, 2007

Week recap!

  • Last Fur-i-day, Mr H fell outta GranMeowmy's winnow and made a biggie mess, and now he's askeered to seep in winnows!
  • We gots FEVVERBALLS!!!!!! Dey's so fun!
  • We gots a new box dat makes a how-se if it's upside down!
  • Little M felled off da cabby-net da box was on afore we gots it and skeered himself!
  • Her Majesty sneezied as GranMeowmy walked by her to-nite and it skeered GranMeowmy, hahahahaha!
  • Der's been a lotta boomers frum da skies and LOTSA wet stuffs ALL week!

We finks dats it, an it's bedtimes so we's gotsa go fur nows!


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hahahaha more pirates

Our Meowmy has a game called Da Sims 2 fur her "Dee-esss" gameboy, and efen it's getting in on da pirate funs todays! When she turns it on she gets a phone call frum da pirate char-ak-ter sayin it's pirate day, and den ALL da peeples in da game is talking like da pirate cha-ak-ter! We finks dis is FURRY funny!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Arrrr! It's Pirate day for Kitteh's!

Here's some Pirate facts frum us!

we founded dems on dis webby page
  • ......
    Did you know:
    Pirates were the first democratic organization in the "New World"

    Each pirate was allowed to vote on where the ship was to go or if a colonial ship should be attacked.

  • Each pirate received an equal share of the booty, with a double share going to the captain, the pilot, the carpenter, the cook, and a share set aside for the maintenance of the ship. Most pirates were paid four times as much as they had ever received as merchant or naval men. However, if no plunder was captured, no one would be paid.
  • Each pirate signed an agreement—called "articles"—before they "joined" (many were forced to become pirates when the buccaneers captured their ships). This paper detailed how much they would be paid, behavior expected (no gambling, no fighting except on land, no stealing) and punishments for breaking rules.

  • For breaking the rules spelled out in the articles, a pirate would be marooned with a flagon of water and a pistol, to survive or die. Because most of the Caribbean islands are mere spits of sand, most of the men died.

  • Articles of clothing were acquired from plundering ships. Pirates often wore some very odd costumes because of this. But no pirate would be caught wearing "slops" – the striped shirt worn by British sailors.

  • Pirate ships had unusually large crews
    There were up to eighty pirates per ship. In contrast, most English ships had only thirty men. Work was evenly distributed among the pirate crew, and so jobs got done faster with less strain than on traditional colonial ships. Many considered a berth on a pirate ship easy pay for little work.

  • In many cases, pirates wouldn’t have to fire a shot. The mere approach of a pirate ship would cause most colonial captains to surrender. Then the captured captain would try to make some sort of deal that would result in the least amount of death and injuries. This often worked — but not always! There were many pirates–Blackbeard for one–who engaged in ruthless, bloody brigandage for the sheer sport of it

  • Pirates had the New World’s first insurance compensation plan

    A typical document might award money ("specie") or slaves in the following way:
    loss of right arm 600 pieces of eight
    loss of left arm 500 pieces of eight
    loss of right leg 500 pieces of eight
    loss of left leg 400 pieces of eight
    loss of eye or finger 100 pieces of eight
    loss of both legs or arms 800 pieces of eight and a slave
    (Source: David Cordingly, Under the Black Flag)

  • The captain of a pirate ship wasn’t the ship’s master
    The captain (like Blackbeard or Henry Morgan) was, in fact, a battle leader for boarding ships and leading land raids. The ship’s pilot, the person who actually steered the ship, was the real captain. He received a share of booty equal to the captain.

  • If the pirate crew felt the captain was not succeeding (getting the men enough plunder), they would vote him out and elect a new captain from among their number.

  • The captain’s cabin was open for anyone to use — a sort of "den" if you will.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Name Meme

we wasn't taggied but we's gonna play enneways! It's simple to play, you's just gotta tell how you gots your name! We use nicknames on here but they's our initials(well except Her Majesty, she has that nickname acause she's the oldest and da Queen of da wurld-in her 'pinion-) so we can still tell the story behind da name!

Her Majesty's been here da longest, since 1994, and Meowmy named her affer a TV show that she was fan-at-ic-al fur back dens!

Mr E and Miss M are littermates, and their names came from Meowmy liking fannasy stories and furry tales...oh, she says it's FANTASY and FAIRY...whatefur Meowmy, who's tellin dis story?!

Mr H's name comes from a movie Meowmy has loved since she was little, more fairy tales!

Little B and Little M is littermates too, Little B got his name from Meowmy's fee-yawn-say, it's a place, and Little M's name comes from anofur book, more fantasy!

We's starting to fink our Meowmy is obsessed a little, what do you finks?

We tags Max and Buddah, The Jellicles and FireKitteh, and Daisy!

Thursday, September 13, 2007


all we's hearded all day is noise! bangings and sawings and racket, HOW is kittehs apposed to takes our naps wif all dat ruckus?! Meowmy's grouchy about it too, she says it's getting on her nerfs! We dont knows what dat means, but it duzzent sounds good!

Thursday, September 6, 2007


WE GOTS TEM-TAY-SHUNS!!!!!!!!!!! Meowmy boughted us a baggie of BEEF ones and day is SO furry good, we scarfed as many as she'd give us, and we wants MORE!!! Now we unnerstans why efurryone luvs dems so much! YUM YUM YUM! GIVE US MORE MEOWMY!!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Misc. Monday

Meowmy did it agains! Der was a LISSERD in da howse last night and she wouldn't let us haf it! Meanie Meowmy, we was chasin it and gonna get it and bitey it since we knows Lisserds is RUDE (Right Daisy?!), and what'd she do? She SAVED it and putted it back owtside where we couldn't haf it, HRMPH! Now she's complaining too dat she hurted her back and is in pain acause she hadda pull out da cowch to get da lisserd so she's whimpering and grumping!

What else is der to tell? Oh, we's out of stinky goodness, and da hoomans haven't gone to get us more yet, HRMPH! We gots some toona/toona juice, which we luvs but it's not da sames, and we don't get as much of it!

Right affer the lisserd chase last night Miss M broked one of GranMeowmy's lamps, and she didn't efen get in trubble acause Meowmy'd warned her about a bazillion sleeps ago dat if she lefted the lamps der dey was gonna get broked acause we jump up where she lefted dems, Miss M is ok but is skeered her bad, she hid under Da Buddy's bed for a long time!

We finks dat's it fur now, so we's gonna go read our furriends blogs!

Friday, August 31, 2007

In Meowmory

Of all da kitties dat's gone to da bridge this week.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007


We is so sad today, we hasn't been posting much we knows, but we's reading, and so sad to find out about Anastasia and now Oscar going to the bridge. Meowmy's eyes have been leaky ofur it and we's wurking furry hard to make her smile, and we's sending good thots and purrs to the hoomans who've losted their poodins.
We is around, efen if we's quiet, nows we gotsa go snuggles Meowmy more, and let her knows we luvs her furry much.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Gotcha Day

Thur-teen years ago, Meowmy gotted Her Majesty! Meowmy was just a teenbean then, she hadn't started hi-skool quite yet efen!! Her Majesty is a lovely kitty, efen if she's a bit grumpy, she's da alpha boss kitty, so we figgers it's okies, plus she was an only kitty fur a long time, so we knows she can'ts helps it. She's been froo a lot wif Meowmy, and she takes it all wif her typical regal 'tude! Hurry-Canes or da eful m wurd, she just takes it all in stride!


The other 5 of T.F.S.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Party Day!!

We wented to the party fur all da Awg-ust purrfdays and gotcha days, and we hadded a BLAST, we had 'tinis, and 'nip and Little M walked on da ceilin and den all da kitties at da party CONGA'd on da ceiling while da hooman slaves watched! It was so much funs! We hadded about 50 diffurent kindsa fun! We's gotta go sleeps somes of it off now tho, we's xhausitated!

A Proverb

We's been finkin furry hard for a proverb, and we finks we's got one! We knows it tooked a while,but here it is!

"Where there's a box, there's a cat"

What does efurrycat fink?


Tuesday, August 7, 2007

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Monty Q's babybean got hurted, so we's posting this in supurrt of dems all. Der's details on Millie's bloggie

Tanks yoo Skeezix fur da piccie!


Saturday, August 4, 2007

YAY! He did it!

We is Yankeez fanz like JeterHarris and Mickey Mantle, and today is a furry big day fur da Yankeez and fur their furd baseman A-Rod, he hitted his fife hunnereth homerun! Dat is a LOT of homerunz and we is furry axcited about it! Meowmy didn't get to see it yet, but her fee-yawn-say calleded her so she could hear da announcers when it happened!

We is furry happy fur A-Rod and fur da Yankeez! He is da furd Yankee efur to hit fife hunneret


Monday, July 30, 2007


We's still here but der's nufin good to repurrt, it's too hot to even work up a game of rampaging heffalumps, and if it's not hot, it's booming outside and we's hiding from that! We's visiting all our furr-ends like we always do, but haven't been commenting much, we's bad blogger kitties lately! We's gonna keep our ears open and we'll repurrt anyfing fun that happens!

Friday, July 27, 2007

This 'n That

We furgived Meowmy fur goin away, (But we's still guarding da soot-case!) and fur playin wif woofies and a hor-se, but we still dunno what a hor-se is!

It's been furry quiet here, even tho Meowmy and GranMeowmy has gone away efurry evening,dey's comed back so it's ok, and more impurrtant dey hasn't disrup-ted our skedule of foods naps and plays!

We's startin to fink Meowmy is part kitty, she's been seepin a lot like we do, and she usually doesn't take nappies! She said she's "re-cover-ing from bay-kay-shun", which doesn't make sense, but then, what do hoomans do that makes sense?!


Monday, July 23, 2007

We's back!

Meowmy camed home last nights! She smelled like TWO woofies, and we was NOT happy, Mr H, Miss M and Her Majesty are the only ones who let her come near them, da rest of us was smart and ranned away til affer she went in the wet place and smelled like meowmy again! She smelled like anofur anny-mal too, a horse, but we dunno what dat is, it sure smelled BIG tho!
Meowmy says she misseded us lots but we''s givin her da cold paw acause she lefted us, efen tho we misseded her too, she's gotta learn to not left us behind! Right now Her Majesty is asleepin on top of the soot-case so Meowmy can't sneaks off!

Oh yeah, she's also hung up on that Harry guy we saws some of our kitty furr-ends talkin about too, she isn't quite tho acause she got a late start!

We didn't get to visit efurryone last night, just a few acause Meowmy was tired and turned the pooterbox back off (Hisss!), but we's gonna try to get caughted up today, we misseded our furr-ends!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Skritchy Heaven

oooh we dunno what Meowmy had done to her hands last night, but we likes it, skritchies feel soooooo good, she's got claws or sumfin, and the skritches is outta da world wif 'em! We can't gets enuff!
OH, she says they's called a-crill-icks, whatefur Meowmy, just keep skritching!

Monday, July 16, 2007

No No NO!

Meowmy's going away Wensy and won't be back til Sunny! We'll be here with Granmeowmy, but she can't blog her way out of a paper sack isn't furry good wif da compooter, so we can't visit or bloggie whille Meowmy's away! We efen heard her day sumfin 'bout seeing WOOFIES!! What if da woofies eats her up?! *Cries* Meowmy, don't goooooo!T.F.S.

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Meowmy's packing fur her trip, but she won't let us get in to go wif her, dis is no fe-air! We nefur gived her purrmissin to go anywhere, and ESPESHULLY wifout us! Things is all out of ru-teen and we don't likes it!

Friday, July 13, 2007

The Phantom Menace

I, The Most Regal, Serene, Imperial, Royal, Majestic Highness have discovered a new menace to the world of kitties. This insidious intruder has made it's presence known in my home this very night, and I have squelched this attempted invasion, but feel it nessecary to warn all others about it, as it may be in your own home right now!

What you ask is this danger? The Humans call it "bubble wrap", but I know it is far more than some simple product used to protect things! This threat lurks in homes, and I believe it is storing data about all humanity in the innocuous looking "bubbles". I caught a piece of it drifting through my living room tonight, thus proving it's sneakiness! I subdued it with a strong pounce, a rapid fire series of bunny kicks and a BITE. Take note, and remember these moves in case the "bubble wrap" invades your home!

Her Majesty

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Hoomans

Is seriously out of line, our stinkies were *furry* late tonight, Meowmy and GranMeowmy left as soon as GranMeowmy gotted home from wurk and dey didn't get homes til it was dark! This is serious kitty neglect in our 'pinion, da buddy camed home,but sheesh, we thoughts we had them all trained better than dat! Mister H hollered at them as soon as dey camed inside, and GranMeowmy gave the stinkies, but we thinks if this keeps up we's going to haf a confurence on their job purrfurmance!

Sunday, July 8, 2007


It's hot, we don't feels like doin NUFFIN when it's hot, even with the cold air blower and the air spinners, all we wants to do is sleeeeeep! Is it hot where you is too?

Friday, July 6, 2007


The stinkies ban is ofur, yaaaaaay! Howefur, it is super stormy here and boomy and we don't like that, so booooo!

We founded out that Meowmy's going away!! She is going on vay-kay-shun! Wifout US! She's going for 5 whole days! GranMeowmy will be here wif us, but, fe-air! Dat means we won't be ables to bloggie OR visit our friends fur dose days! HRMPH! (GranMeowmy can use a pooperbox but she isn't furry good at it!)

Meowmy wanted us to tell efurryone that while we don't comment lots, we read efurry day, we luvs our kitty bloggie friends!

The Tomato-y Goodness Her Majesty stoled yesserday was soup wif cheese in it, she didn't get furry much afore Meowmy caughted her, she usually just gets to lap the bowl when Meowmy's done, so she never gets much, she's always liked it tho!

Meowmy was shockeded last nite at Mr H, he isn't a grumpy kitty, (She says if she'd had him as a kidbean, he woulda been the kitty you could dress up in doll clothes and play wif, he's super mellow and sweet!) and he has only growlied or hisseded 3 or 4 times efur, and since Little M wasn't buggin him, she was furry upset, we's allowed to hissy at each ofur to say "leave me alone" if somekitty is buggin us, but not fur no reason, so he got scolded, and he knew why, acause he stompied off to the front winnow and stayed der!

We finks dat's all for now, and da boomies is louder, so we's gonna go hidey now!
Headbutts and purrs!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Ut oh

Mister H is in big trouble wif Meowmy! He was bein mean to Little M and all Little M was doin was lyin on the floor! Mister H had been askin for stinkies and GranMeowmy told him he hadda wait, but now Meowmy says he's not allowed to haf none acause he's bein a piggy and not sharing(Granmeowmy told her that) and acause he was nasty to da baby! She says if he keeps bein piggy she's not gonna let us have stinkies anymore! NOOOOO
It's not a kitty's day around here, must be all the wet stuff and boomies from the sky today!

Well I never!

How was I supposed to know you were coming back for more of the tomato-y goodness HOOMAN! You got up and left it right there for anykitty who wanted too to help themselves when you went to the door! So what if I helped myself, you know I enjoy tomato-y goodness and I had been waiting for my share!

So don't you go fussing at me and calling me "naughty", OBVIOUSLY this was a total set up to frame me for some sick hooman experiment!

Her Royal Majesty

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

A Lisserd Tail

(Note, Meowmy made us use da furry bad pun for our title!)

In our old house, Meowmy's room had a big clear door and the pa-tee-ooo off of it, it was screened, but we wasn't allowed on it, but sometimes lisserds got in, and there was one in particular who showed up EFURRY day! He was a big, dark lisserd(but he could change colors!) with a ridge on his back and a collar (But it didn't look like the collars we's seen). He showed up efurry day at least once, right up at the big clear door, and Mister H would go BONKERS tryin to get him, chattering and tail whipping (he's a short tail so that's not easy!), bonking his head into the clear door, efurrything, and Meowmy couldn't convince him the lisserd was out of his paws!

Meowmy would watch the lisserd, and how he watched Mister H throo da clear door, and she figgered out he KNEW he was tor-tur-ing Mister H. He would look at him and bob his head up and down, and stick his red throat thingy out while he watched Mister H spazzing! He was LAUGHING at him! This went on for ages and ages, always about the same time and same spot! Meowmy and GranMeowmy and Da Buddy had da nerve to LAFF ofur it too! Poor Mister H never did get a chance to catch his lisserd!

So that's our lisserd story, we hope you liked it!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


mmmmm, toona juice is *HIC,Giggle!* good stuff...

More Adoptions and re-decorating!

We is purr-oud to announce we has adopted not only Gizzoo Grizabella, but also adopted 2 virtual squillions from the Cat Blogosphere Shelter! We's furry happy to have Frodo and Gandalf join our family and we hopes to add more too!

Not much noos here, ofur than evil noisy things outside, Meowmy calls them fire-wurks and she hates them almost as much as us! Meowmy grew us some kitty-grass but we's not ofurly thrilled wif it, but we got TOOOONA Sunday so we's happy wif that!

Meowmy is playing wif our bloggie, changing colors and stuff, not sure what we's gonna end up wif!

We's got a lisserd story to tell tomeowow, so keep an eye out! (It's an old story but Meowmy says we should share acause it's funny!)

Friday, June 29, 2007

Adoption Friday

We's got a new meowmber of the furr-family! We adopted a baby squillion from Jeter Harris, and she was brought home today! She is furry dainty, a little tuxie wif a bell on! Much sniffing was undertaken when Meowmy introduced us, and she's already one of the family! Howefur, she needs a name! Meowmy is thinkin Grizzabella, from Cats, and sorta in memory of Gizzy too! But we's open to suggestions, soooo, her's her piccie, and leave comments if you have name suggestions, or if you like Grizzabella!


Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

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It's our Meowmy's purrfday so we's gonna do a T.T. abouts her!

  1. She is twenny-ate today, we can't efen figger out how old dat is in kitty!
  2. She is furry soft, good for snuggles and biscuits!
  3. She is "add-ic-ted" to sumfin called a Nin-ten-do DS... it makes beepy funny noises!
  4. She is GranMeowmy's youngest bean and gets called "da bay-bee"
  5. She has lots and lots of books, which gives us lotsa places to climb!
  6. She loves moosic, but we don't!
  7. She loves moofies and has tons and tons of dee-vee-dee's
  8. She is da shortest person in her family,she says she's a "hobbit"..wuzzat, she's our Meowmy!
  9. She's not skeered of lisserds or froggies, she catches them and puts them back outside(Booooo!)
  10. She is FURRY skeered of spidey-things!!
  11. She loves Amy Brown pikshurs, and Brian Froud pikshurs
  12. She loves to take pikshurs!
  13. She has lots of "collections"- GranMeowmy says "space wasters and dust catchers!"

We hope you liked hearing a little about our Meowmy, now we's gotta go purr and snuggy her all up!


Wednesday, June 27, 2007


don't tell, but tomorrow is Meowmy's purrfday!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


GranMeowmy broughted stinkies home, life iz grate, as Jeter Harris says!

Tuesday Talk

There just isn't much to repurrt, GranMeowmy wented back to wurk yesserday so all da moovin stuffs and cleanings is ofur. Meowmy's here wif us but efurryone is too busy seepin and restin up after all da wurk last week to do much else! We did get 'nip on sunday, mmm, and Meowmy found a toofhole in day 'nip container, oops, sumbuddy tried to sneaksies it on der own!

Meowmy was using a funny flat flashy thing last night, it's furry noisey, she kept opening and closing it, she said it is a "scanner"..wuzzat? She wuddn't let us walk on it while she was using it, so we didn't get to investigate purroperly, hrmph!

We mays be adopting a baby squillion! Jeter Harris has a litter of baby squillions that needs homes,and we hopes we can bring one of dem here and raise it to be a good Yankees fan like we is! We fink we'd be furry good purr-ants to it, there are 6 of us so it would never be unsnoopervised or uncared for!

We is also unhappy to re-purrt we has run OUT of stinkies!! How is dis possible?! We want our stinkies and we wants them on time, da hoomans is bad fur not going in the metal machine wif wheels to go get us more the second it was gone, HRMPH! We is havin to "make do" wif crunchies, and that is just no fe-air!


Friday, June 22, 2007


We gots a package today!! We was one of the 11.000th bloggie winners from The Missouri Meowers, and we got our prize! The Meowlman lefted it just fur us! Meowmy hadda help us open it tho acause of that darn 'posable thumb problem! We got a package of toys that had jingle balls in it, a ringy thing (We LOVES RINGY THINGYS!), a mousie and a fluffy jingle toy, AND we gots KITTY KAVIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YUM!!! Meowmy put some down fur us and we gobbled it, Little B didn't efen come up fur air, Meowmy says he snarfed it up like a Hoover(Wuzzat?)! Fank you so bery much you guys!
*Purrrrrrrs & headbutts!*

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Daisy, we's furry sorry, but we heard GranMeowmy tell Meowmy earlier that she caughted our lisserd and let him go!! We nefur got a chance to look at him! We's furry disappointed, but we will keep trying to study them efurry chance we gets! Beanz is mean, dey takes all the funtoys away, how is we apposed to LEARN anyfing?!

Thursday Thirteen

Yay we gets to play TT today!
Here's 13 things about us!

  1. We is all 100% indoor kitties
  2. We can gives Meowmy a "heart attack" by climbing up super high on top of cabinets!
  3. We's not furry interested in hunting, or at least not what Meowmy thinks we should hunt!
  4. We have only started getting Stinkies recently, and only 2 of us like it! (H and Little M)
  5. Her Majesty and Mister H like 'nip, but they purr-fur to sniff va-ler-ian root, it makes them crazy!
  6. Little M runs up walls like he's at the "X-Games"..whatefur those is!
  7. Meowmy brought Mister H home but he is attached to da buddy and he gets MAD if da buddy doesn't come and go when H thinks he should!
  8. Her Majesty is equally devoted to da Meowmies, but ONLY to them, she hates malebeanz!
  9. Miss M LOVES toy mousies, you can say the word mouse and she comes running!
  10. Mr E EATS the mousies after he steals them from Miss M
  11. Miss M sleeps on Mr E (He's her brofur) every chance she gets, and he just lies and looks like "why me?"
  12. Mister H is efurryone's "guardian", if someone starts to play too rough and squeals, he comes running to take care of them!
  13. Mister H plays daddy to Little B and Little M!


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Snoopervising 3, Lisserd, and ofur kitty details

The Hoomans is just cleanin and "re-org-an-iz-ing" things, not moovin, we thinks they's just lost their minds, and are makin messes! But we'll have more walls to run up when they's done acause they's moved out shelves that was in our way!

Daisy,we will do our bestest to examine our lisserd furry closely while he has his tail, unless Meowmy catches him, then she'll put him outside afore we can!

Mr Hendrix,the ofur kitty lives next door to us,but his hoomans let him wander around unsnoopervised or harnessed, he likes to come sleep on the car-port, or lounge under our winnows! Mr H doesn't like him, they've had hissy fights throo da winnows a few times!

Snoopervising Update

Mr Hendrix askeded me how da snoopervisin went so I tought I'd update! The Hoomans is STILL movin and messin wif stuffs, so I'm on dooty again, but da ofurs is up too this time. Yesterday's snoopervising went good, I found the purrfect spot to watch from between nappies! Today I'm making rounds to snoopervise, lookin at efurryfing and I had to kill da evil swif-fur da older Meowmy was usin afore it could hurt her!

Oh oh I almos furgotted, Daisey, we's got a LISSERD in da house! It snucked in the ofur day and Meowmy hassn been able to catch it yet, hehehe, Imma catch it fur her and ex-am-ine it like you did george!

i gotta stop snoopervisin, der's anofur kitty in our yard!!
Little B

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Da hoomans is at it again, movin stuff and goin though inneresin boxes and and efurryone else is aseepin, so it's all up to me to snoopervise, and I'm getting seepy too! Should I leave da hoomans un-snoopervised so I can nap? I dunno if it's a good idea, you know how much twouble hoomans can get into! Maybe if I nap right where they are they'll know they still are being snoopervised...
Sleepy Little B

Monday, June 18, 2007

Manic Monday

What a day, da Momma's (Our meowmy and her meowmy) has been crazy today, and I heard Meowmy say there's more to do!

Our day today has included

  • TOOOOOOOOOONA! Yum yum, they hads it for lunch and we got a whole can to share!
  • Snoopervising while da hoomans mooveded furnitures around
  • a frootbat laser-eyed combo pose in a winnow
  • a rattly ball to bat around and bunny kick!
  • Clean clothes to sleep in when no hooman was watchin!
  • a lovely lounge in sunny winnows between snoopervisings!
  • Stinkies, more yum yum!
  • Milk, even MORE yum yum (Da buddy giveded us dis, not Meowmy)

There's gonna be more stuffs mooved around tomeowow, so we's gotta go seepies now so we have lotsa energy to snoopervise it all!


Saturday, June 16, 2007

YES Meowmy

I see sumfin unner da hot cooky thing even if you do not! So lemme hunt!
Little B
(Meowmy note-it's not on and he's laying on the floor, just staring under there and occasionally sticking a paw under LOL)

Friday, June 15, 2007


I do NOT wike it when I cannot find my bubby, it makes me CWY! Then Meowmy gets upset acause I's fussy and won't settle down no mattew what she does! I wants my BUBBY! He was aseepin in the winnow wifout me and wuddint answew ME!
Little M, B's Brofur

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Her majesty just caught in a no-no spot tryin to steal the 'nip!! Mommy fussed at her!
(We's just glad it's not us!)

Monday, June 11, 2007


is da hoomans so nutty ofur our nosies? Meowmy luvs to rub and call them "vel-vet", but they're not vel-vet, they's our nosies! Beanz is so weird!

Saturday, June 9, 2007


Oooooooooh we gots real dried nip for the furst time tonight, we's soooooooo gone, it's gooood :: glassy eyed stare :: we's hungry, time to find foods!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Double the PEACE

We gots a globe for peace piccie! :) PEACE PEACE PEACE PEACE! PEACE NOW! WE WANT PEACE!

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Tuesday, June 5, 2007


We din't get a piccie done just fur us, but we wanted to show we's fur PEACE, so we hopes no one minds we are using the general piccie from Cat Blogosphere.

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We did it!

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Yay Meowmy!

With Mungo'n Teazer's Mommy's help, she gotted our piccies up over to the side, so now you can see us wif or wifout the linky she put up earlier!


we think this'll work, so here's a linky to our piccies, Meowmy hassn't figgered out how to do the piccies on the side, and when she tried in da bloggie, it only showed a bit of the pikshur, so she's just linkying to our album! We hope it works!


Monday, June 4, 2007


*Snarfscarfchomp* TOOOOOOONA!!!!!!!!


Some of our furr-riends in the Catblogosphere is bein attacked by "stoopid tin cans" (that's what Momma calls 'em anyway, and she says someone oughta take a canopener to their heads,but that's silly, can openers is fur TOOOONA!), and need help. The stoopid tin cans has blocked their bloggie, calling it "spam" acause they post a lot!! So email blogspot and purrrotest the injustice!!
Here's the "yoooo arrrr elll" for emailing!!

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Saturday, June 2, 2007


*THREE* cans of stinky goodness in one day..THREE!!! Plus TOOONA, snuggles, cuddles, skritches, playtimes, BIRDIES to watch, all our usual crunchies and our freedom! Can it get better?!


We're FREE! We got outta jail dis mornin!! We's so happy,and we's gotten cans of stinkies(Mommy's gotta buy us Toooona, she found out we din't have none!) But the Hoomans is worshippin us like they's aposed too, so we're happy fur now!

Friday, June 1, 2007


We's still locked up! Mommy's come in and snuggled and played wif us but it's not enuff! She told us they is havin a furry hard time getting the pipe that broked fixed, she and da buddy were up til almost 3am working again and it's not right yet! Da Buddy's furry upset and fur-rustrated, and so's Mommy, AND the Other Momma! She said we's gonna pull a "Shaw-Shank" if we can't be loose soon (Wuzza Shaw-Shank?)! We's got the winnows but it's a gloomy day here and not much to watch, so we's snoozing a lot, Mommy says we's been furry good kitties, not fighting or getting mad wif each ofur. We each haf a spot we likes, so I guess we can get along if we haf too! Mommy said once we's loose she'll gives us TOONA to make up fur all of it!
That's the update fur now!

Thursday, May 31, 2007


We is STILL locked up in da older Momma's room, hrmph! Da Buddy and da Momma spent lots and lotsa sleeps doing noisey stuff, we aren't sure WHAT is going on, but we got some 'venge, Mister E yarked on da older Momma TWICE when she went to bed, that'll teach her to help keeping us in JAIL! We want out! We want OUT! Momma camed in and played wif us but we was ignoring her, or giving her the evil glarey looks, she thinks that's all it takes to make up, HRMPH! Little M is trying to burrow out from under da door, so maybe he'll get us out of here soon!

~~The Hooman Mommy takes over to defend herself~~
the Sextet are confined in a bedroom with all the nessecities, and getting attention, we had a pipe issue here and there is a large hole that could be dangerous to kitties, plus a lot of displaced things that could likewise cause harm, so until we get things patched back up, for everyone's safety and sanity, they have to stay in there, but they've got a nice big bed to sleep on, windows to look out, and toys, so don't worry too much about them guys! We couldn't finish repairing everything last night, as it was it was after 2am before we even had running water (The kitties drink bottled like we do, so no worries there either), they should be loose tonight or tomorrow sometime!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Plotting a jailbreak, post haste,


HELP!!!!!!!!! We's IN JAIL!!! Mommy rounded us up and LOCKED US UP!!! THIS IS NO FE-AIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We's OUTRAGED, we din do nuffin!!

The Feline Sextet

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Dead pig!

real, live, dead pig...and just acause Mommy wants us to eat it, we's ignoring it for now, but it'll be gone soon! hehehe gotta keep the hoomans on their toes!
The Feline Sextet

Saturday, May 26, 2007


WOWIE we got lotsa bloggiements, yay! :) We are going to tell you about us, but Mommy doesn't know how to do pikshurs on here, but as soon as Mungo'n Teazer's Mommy can help, I'm sure we'll have some up! :) We'll also see if she can help us make our bloggie purrtier,we know it's furry blah right now! Here's a little about us fur starts!

Hmph, about time I get to have my say! I am Her Most Regal,Imperial, Royal Majesty, also known as "Her Majesty", or "The Queen"..I am about 13 years old now, and I have owned my Hoomans since I was a few months old, I came to them from someone the older Momma worked with,and I am my Momma's baby.I am a lovely shiney black kitty, with a white spot on my bib and belly, and 4 white whiskers!
I am very picky about who I will be around, I prefer my momma and her momma(the "other momma") to anyone, and I do NOT like male hoomans at all, if they come NEAR me I warn them with a strong HISSSSSSSSSSSS and SWATS with my claws! I do NOT run from strangers either, unlike the rest of them, I stand my ground and show any intruder the proper disdain!
I am adored and worshipped by my hoomans, as befits my status as QUEEN, and I do NOT like the interlopers, I was a very happy ONLY kitty, but due to an accident I disappeared for a while and my Mommy was miserable without kitty love(Who can blame her!? What's LIFE without THE KITTY!), so the next two showed up, and then I came home! Momma was VERY happy about that, but I still have a souvenir of that mis-adventure, someone was foolish and thought *I* was feral and clipped one of my ears! HRMPH! But I'm still my Momma's darling, as well i should be, I KNOW she loves ME best, no matter what anyone says! I'm not a picky eater, I'll eat most human food if it's offered(I LOVE tomato stuff!), and I can hear a can of t-u-n-a being opened from anywhere! I also like melted ice cream, and I'll eat certain types of stinky food! I'll eat treats too, but my all time favorite thing isn't food, it's the smell of valerian root, it's the ultimate in kitty-crack for me, nip doesn't do much, but I go wild for that stuff!

I'm Miss M, and I'm a petite tortie girly, and I'll be 8 years old in the fall, just like my brofur Mr E. I am a very shy little girl, and spend a lot of my time sleeping alone in quiet places, and I always hide if there's someone strange in the house! I do talk though, not as much as brofur does,but I have a meow and I'm not afraid to use it! I'm picky about my affection too, I'll cuddle my hoomans, but only on MY terms, however, my brofur is always fair game to become my pillow or mattress! I love my brofur very much, and I'm furry glad our mommies adopted us both, the older mommy didn't want a boykitty but young mommy insisted! I like to play vicious too, brofur and I have wild wrestling matches sometimes, and I have a LOVELY strong growl and hiss that I can use to seem meeean! I don't like the little kitties, even though they try to get me to play, I always warn them away with a HISSSS and a swat, but I never hurt them, they're just babies really and refuse to listen to the mommas when they warn them! I'm a finicky girl too, I don't like any people food, or even treats, I just like my dry crunchy food and water, oh and cereal milk! I always get the bottom of the bowl when someone has cereal, yummy!

I'm Mr E, and I'm Miss M's brofur, so I'm almost 8 years old too! I'm a pretty mellow guy(my Mommy says she shoulda named me "Eeyore" cause I'm always lookin like I'm moping...what's an "Eeyore"?), I like to lounge, I don't mind bein held or cuddled, I'm a very talkative boy(Especially in the middle of the night, I LOVE to talk when it's all dark and quiet!). My sisser loves to use me as a bed too, and I usually let her, at least for a while, and for the most part I'm pretty affectionate. I'm an all black kitty, and furry handsome my mommy says, I have a single white whisker that is very striking I think! Like my sisser, I don't like much people food or treats, or even 'nip! My favorite toy is the same as sisser, mousies!! I bitey their tails and heads off and then show the mommas what a good hunter I am!

I'm H-cat, and I'm a TUXEDO Kitty, and very very handsome and smart looking according to the mommas. I'm also a bobtail, not tailless, but it's short, and it's natural from what the V-E-T told them, I purr-robly have a bobtail breed in me, but I was a foundling so they don't know fur sure.I'm a totally mellow guy, and I adopted the male hooman as MINE, he's The Buddy and he's MINE! I get furry upset with him when he furgets this and goes away for a day or two! Then I have to give him the cold paw and pretend I don't care,but really I spend the whole time he's away lookin for him! I love my mommas too though, they give me food (I'll eat ANYTHING I can get! I'm a BIG boy and need it!), and pets and love too, even if they say I slurp too much when I wash, oops! I love stinky food and I know when it's time for it, and I YELL at the top of my voice for them to hurry, and I try to help them get it done faster. I also like milk(it doesn't upset my tummy). When I talk, you can understand my words, I can say "Mom, No, Milk, NOW" and a few other things,but the rest of the time I'm quiet as a mouse! I have a BIG purr though, and I love to use it!
I said I'm a foundling kitty, and it's true, the younger momma was staying with a furr-riend who'd had a tuxie kitty that ran away and made her and her little bean furry sad, and one day she was taking the little bean to skool and saw a tuxie wandering around. She thought it was hers, and when the little bean got out of the car i came right to her and started to purr. They didn't have time to figure it out right then, so the big bean brought me to her house, but they realized I wasn't her kitty after all. She was gonna let me go, but the Momma said no way, because I was sweet and loving and would end up hurt or going to the bridge if that happened, so she said she'd take me home! She did, and took me to the V-E-T a day or so later because I had a hurt spot on my side, the V-E-T said it was a cyst that burst, so I had stitches and had to wear a cone collar for a while,but now I'm happy and healthy and have had my furever home for 6.5 years! The V-E-T said I was about the same age as Miss M and Mr E, so I'll be 8 in the fall!

HI HI HI HI!!! I'm Little M and I'm 20 months old, more or less!! I'm a little black kitty, but a different black than Mr E, it's "softer", I have a white undercoat you can just see, and I have STRIPES like my bubby, but only if you know how to find them! Mommy says I'm all legs, tail and ears, but I think i'm still growin, so it's ok! I'm a happy little guy, I love to play with my bubby, or even by myself, I run around like my butt's on fire all the time, and then I crawl into a lap and sleep! I like to eat stinky food(H-cat shares, he takes care of me and bubby!), and crunchy food, and I'll ask for people food but then I don't eat it, but I like T-U-N-A and TREATS!!! yummy yummy! I like to POUNCE and wressle bubby, and to show how tough I am! I play hard and fast, I love to run up walls and spring off them, and to jump and all sortsa fun stuff, but I also love cuddles and snuggies from my Mommy! I DON"T like the dark, I get scared and think I'm all alone, so Mommy always turns a light on for me, or makes sure I can find someone to be with! Mommy says to tell you that bubby and I are rescued kitties, refugees from hurry-cane Wilma, the Buddy founded us where he works, our kittymommy had run away and hidded with our other bubbies and sissies, but didn't come back fur us, and there was a mean woofie who tried to EAT us there too, and the buddy knew he couldn't leave us acause we'd end up at the bridge(wuzzat mean Mommy?), so he called and the mommas told him to bring us home. We was little kitties then, mommy thinks maybe 4-5 weeks old, so we was awful small, and hadda stay in mommy's room with her all the time til we was big enough that the big kitties couldn't hurt us(mommy doesn't think they woulda, but they mighta been curri-ous and axadenally done somfin), then on chrissymouse day we got to come out and start 'splorin, and not too long after, we got to be free all the time and have lotsa room to play! Ok i gottsa stop now, Mommy says I hafta share with Bubby! BYE!! i'm gonna go POUNCE stuff!

Hi, I'm Little B, and I'm a tabby kitty, I look like a little Monty Q! Bubby already toldya how we got our furever home, so I'll just tell you 'bout me! I'm a snuggly boy when I wanna be, and that's a lot! I love to curl in one of my mommy's laps and suck on her finger(Mommy says that's acause I lost my kittymommy early,but it's ok, acause the hoomanmommys love me so much!) and purr and knead! I love treats and popcorn,and I'll eat people food if it's offered,but I don't go for the stinky food like bubby does. My favorite toy is the jingly fevver wand, I HIDE it so no one can steal it from me! I also like my house, I'll sit in it and poke my head up through the hole to make the hoomans say how cute I am! I'm a picky boy, I don't like moosic at all, I give Mommy dirty looks and leave if it comes on, and I HATE smelly stuff, mommy wears purr-foom and when she does I get MAD and won't come near her, and scowl if she pets me!

I think that's all fur now, it's NAPTIME!

Headbutts and purrs,
The Feline Sextet

Sunday, May 20, 2007


Mungo n' Teazer taggied us, so here's a meme! We's gonna post abouts us soon, we's still tryin to figger out how to share one bloggie 'tween the 6 of us!

Time of Day:Food time!
Day of the week:Doan have one of dem, but we doan like days when da hoomans goes and stays gone all day, we gets lonesome!
Season of the year:Anytime there's lotsa SUN in the winnows!
Holiday:We doan like da hollerdays, that means we have to go to "jail"(Mommy's room wif a shut door!) acause we won't stay outta the tree or pressies, we likes to eat bows tho!
Beaches:What's a beach? We thinks we lives near them, but we're indoor only kitties so we've never seen one
Song:We doan like moosic, mommy turns it on and we gives her evil looks and goes somewhere else!
Flower:Not sure which is our favurite but they sure look yummy!
Talk show:Wazzit? Mommy doan watch teevee much
Movie:Cats!!!!~~ We're gonna steal M&T's answer and add the LION the witch an da Warrode (Wuz a warrode anyway? or a witch?)
Soaps:Momma doan watch does eedur.~~ Our Mommy neifur
Beverage: Water, H is the only one who likes milk really, though little M sometimes will taste it if he gets a chance!
Fruit: Wuzzat?
Snack:Whisker Lickins~~ our favorites tooooo, 'cept TUUUUNA, yum yum!
Food:Stinky Goodness!!! H and Little M are only ones who eat it, the rest of us like crunchies better, but they gobble all the stinky they get,they doan have a favorite flavor, they likes it all except the seeeefood, Mommy says that's acause we get real TUUUUUNA so we's spoiled kitties!

We tag Max, Buddah, Jeter Harris, Monty Q and Millie and Jasmine!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Shhhhhh, don't tell Mommy, we gots holda da OTHER Mommy's puter when she wasn't lookin and here we is!
The Feline Sextet