Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Gotchas and Purrfays!

Wowies, it's been a whole 'nofur year! Miss M, Mr E and Mr H has all had dere Purrfdays, dey is 9 years old nows, and da lil dudes, Mr B and Mr M is 3!! It's also been Miss M and Mr E's Gotcha day, or will be in the next day or two, Meowmy can't amember da egsact day, den Lil Duds Gotcha Day is da end of dis monf, dey camed homes 2 days afore hurry-cane will-ma in 2005, dey was TEENY lil guys too!

Her Majesty's Gotcha Day was in mid-August, we stills miss her lots, so we's goin to paw-tay extra hards fur her too, maybe even sneaks in a house-trashin party, just acause we cans!!

Ofur dens all dis, not a lotta stuffs to re-purrt, GranMeowmy lefted us not just once, but TWICE ofur da summer, once fur a bay-cay-shun and one time to go see HER Meowmy (Wowie, GranMeowmy's old, so HER Meowmy must be really really olds, older den we cans count!), all in a monf's time, so we got lefted here wif Da Buddy. We was good kittehs tho and didn't trash da house den, so all the more reason too nows, hehehehe!

We finks dat's all fur nows, see yoo's all soons, we still read lotsa bloggies, just don't get a lotta time to post, GranMeowmy's sneaksy and closes her pooterbox when she's done wif it, and we hassn't gots da op-pose-able fumbs to opens da lid!

See yoo's around!!


Thursday, August 21, 2008


Dere is a WHOLE LOTTA FREAKIN WATERS OUTSIDE!!!! GranMeowmy an Da Buddy hassn't gone day huntings, dey says dey cants get outs of da nay-purr-hood, so dey's been home wif us an watchin da gubener talks about all da waters out dere. Wowies, it's furry messy, send good thots to all da Florida kitties, inside and out, please, we finks efurryones could use it!
T.F.S -1

Monday, July 7, 2008

Hippo Purrfdays!

To da FireKitteh of Jellicle Cats!! Him's a whole years old now, but him's alwayz gonna be da bebe kitteh of da fambily! We missied da aksual day (it wuz yesserdays), but we hopes his Momma and Pooka and Mini made sures it was lotsa fun and gived him lotsa pressies!!

T.F.S, minus 1

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Her Majesty Remembered

When Meowmy was fif-teens old, GranMeowmy camed homes one affernoons wif a box. She tolded Meowmy to looks in it and dere was a furry little black face looking backs at her! Her Majesty was 4 or 5 monfs olds, a little, leggy black baby girl wif two white spots, one on her bib and a big one on her belly dat she HATED to haf touchied, we finks it tikled hers but she nefur admited dat!
From da furst she was an innderpennet kitty, shes luved Meowmy an GranMeowmy and put up wif Da Buddy, efen tho she beated him ups efurry nite! She slept on Meowmy's legs efurry nite, but ofur favurit nappy spots was da lawndry basset, wefur it was cleans OR dirties,unner da ChrissyMouse tree wen it was ups, and affer pressies was open she likied to seeps IN da boxes. Her favurit toy was little balls wif rainbow strypes on dems and she luved 'nip and TOOOOOONA! She would nefur just takey a drink of waturs eifur,she alwayz mofed da dish so da water was moofing back and forfs afore she'd drink, and she lufed to plays dry food hockey afore she ate.
She had advenshurs too, when she was 5 years old, da hoomans moofed, and she snucked out a winnow one nite! Meowmy was misserables and efurryones thot Her Majesty had gone to da bridge, but 3 MONFS affer she snucked off, GranMeowmy stoppied at da mailboxes one night and dere was Her Majesty!! GranMeowmy called her name and she came ofurs, hopped in da big noisy masheen and lookied at GranMeowmy likes "Okies, time to go home now!" Efurryone was furry happy she was home, and she camed home to a surprize, dat is when Miss M and Mister E camed to live wif Meowmy and da Fambily too!Dat was da biggest advenshur of Her Majesty's life, which Meowmy was furry happy abouts, and though she ended up having 5 siblings as a senior kitty, she took it wif grace and her regal dignities.
Meowmy, GranMeowmy and Da Buddy luffed her furry furry much, and her going to da bridge has left a hole in efurryones hearts dat won't go aways soon. Meowmy's still taking it FURRY FURRY hard, but she's got lottsa good meowmries too.

We tolds yoo Meowmy was going to haf sumfing to amember Her Majesty by, and here's da piccie of it, it's not furry good,but yoos can tells what it is. Dere is anofur kitty nekliss she wants too, and she finks GranMeowmy's gonna gets it fur her. Da Fee-yawn-say Guy gotted her dis ones.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Fank yoo

fur alls yur kind wurds to Meowmy an us, we appurciates dems furry furry much. Meowmy finks she'll haf sumfin soons to show in meowmory of Her Majesty, so we'll talk to yoos all soons, we is just not furry chatty right now,we all misses Her Majesty, so we's gonna stay quiets fur a little while longers.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Then there were 5

We is heartbroked to tell our kitteh furr-ends dat Her Majesty has passeded aways :'( Granmeowmy tolded Meowmy last nites, but it happened 2 we-eeks ago, she said she just curled up and wents to sleeps and nefur woked ups. Meowmy is devustayted and we's sad, but we noes issa okies too acause now Her Majesty's happy and playing wif Meowmy's Daddy who dieded a long times ago, afor any of us was borned.

We's sorry dat our furst postie in so long's gotta be sad noos, but we wanted our furr-ends to noes abouts dis.

The Five of Us.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Oh NOES! :'(

Oh Noes noes noes :'( We is so sads, we just saw dat Caeser wented to da bridge, we's all leaking and Mommy's heartbroken, she's so sad now and says she feels furry guilty and what if sumfin happens to ones of us and she's gone away :'( she's sads and we can'ts makes her feels better, and it doesn't help dat she and GranMeowmy was talkin on da fone about how Her Majesty will be Forteen dis summer. Plus Meowmy could hear Little M chittering at GranMeowmy, which is good and bad.

Dis seperashun stuff's tuff :( We sends our furry best purrs to Prinnie and her hoomans tho, and we hopes dat dey gets thro dis okies.