Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

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We hopes efurrykitteh and bean in da blogosphere has a purr-fectly fun time tonights, be carefuls and enjoy da treats, and avoid da tricks!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Cherish Meme

Adan started this Cherish Meme for Miss Peach. We’s braking the rools a little, but we finks it’s ok this time cuz Miss Peach is such a lovin kitty and we wants to show her lots. So we’s grabbin the meme and taggin efurrycat!
Heer’s the Cherish Meme rools from Adan’s bloggy (but go tell him yoo fink it’s a way cool meme too).

★★Hey, everyone, this time, I decide to start this cherish meme, here are some ways (depends on which person you write), and bring our love to Miss Peach~! She always makes us know what love is!

1. tell us what is the most sweetest warm thing you will do to your mommy (what is the sweetest thing that your kitty will do to you)

2. And, hug your mommy, tightly… (and, hug your kitty….tightly…)

3. Tag your good friend…

4. Leave your computer, and continuing hug each other…

Well dere's six of us so we's do lotsa sweet/cute/funny fings fur our Meowmy and GranMeowmy, so here's a few of dems!

  1. We sleeps as close as we cans get to dems
  2. We follows dems efurrywhere so we knows dey's alwalys okies
  3. We purrs fur dems
  4. We makes dems laff n laff when we get 'nipped!
  5. we lets them hugs and kissies us when dey's wants too!
  6. We watch frum da winnows when they leaves, waiting fur dems to comes home
  7. We do tricks and act silly acause it makes dem laffs
  8. We luvs dems furefur and furefur


Friday, October 26, 2007

Get Well Soon!

Sweet Miss Peach isn't feeling well at all, so we's posting this pic that Monty Q put up on his bloggie to let her knows we's finking of her! Pleaze go bys her bloggie and wish her and her Mommie and her LapDaddy wells!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

another Gotcha Day!

We missed it yesserday acause Meowmy can't efur amember what dayte Hurry-cane Wilmas camed froo. On 22 October 2005, Da Buddy called Meowmy and askied her if she knew ennybuddies who coulds takes in a pair of tiny kittens he'd found where he works. Dere KittyMommy had taken dere bubbies and sissies and hidded dems, but nefur camed back fur dese two, and it was rainy and cold, PLUS dere was a MEAN EVIL ROTTEN NO GOOD WOOFIE out dere who'd already tried to EATS dems! Meowmy said she didn't know nobuddy, but to bring da littles home, an' GranMeowmy agreed (Efen tho she tried to preten to say nos!), so Da Buddy tuckied dems into a big box wif a soft shirt and broughted dems home.

Bof da bebes was tiny and scared, dey was tryin to hissy but dey was so little all that happened was mouf openins, Meowmy finks dey was only about a monf old. Since dey was so teeny, to 'tect dems from da big kitties, dey stayed in meowmy's room wif her fur a long times! Meowmy tooked care of dems, making sure dey had foods an a pottybox and a seepy box, and tons and tons of warm cuddles on her!

Does bebes is 2 years olds now,and dere names is Little B and Mister M!


Please helps yurselfs to da buff-ay, dere's tunas and shrimps and chik-hens and hams and stinky goodness and crunchy goodness, Tem-tay-shuns, and Toona Juice, Tuna Tinis, 'Nip Tinis and plain drinks fur efurryone! We's got plenty of good 'nip and toys and space to run rampant, so feel frees to join da funs!


Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Meowmy had chik-hen tenners fur her lunch and she shared wif me and Her Majesty! We got LOTS, it was so nummy nummy fur our tummies! Her Majesty will eats it outta Meowmy's hand, and she's tryin to teach me to do dats too but I's still a lil shys abouts it! We is da only ones who gots the yummy yummy chik-hen today, acause we's da only ones who asked to share wif Meowmy, so it was ALL fur us!

Little B

Pee-Ess, I was near Her Majesty on da floor afore she jumpied up to get her chik-hen and she didn't even hissie or swat me, she just lookied at me!


Our whiskers is droopy today acause our Yankees are outta da play-offs. Meomy's furry sad and disapawnted too. We hopes dey has better lucks next season!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Desktop Meme

Dis is our Meowmy's desktop piccie, it's not of us acause she says it's not fe-air to put one of us up and dere's no ways we's gonna sit stills close enough fur her to take a piccie of ALL of us togefur! So she has dis piccie, it's called "Caffeine Overload" and it's by Amy Brown, who is Meowmy's favurit artist, it's a scan of her postcard, she's got some ofurs she rotates thro too!

As you cans see, Meowmy keeps a furry minimal desktop, she doesn't like it cluttered or messy lookin, she's got a few icons, and da fingy on da ofur side is from Winnows Visstuh, dat's its!

We finks dat's it fur now! We tags Da Jellicles, Daisy, Jeter Harris, HOT(M)BC, and Skeezix!