Friday, June 29, 2007

Adoption Friday

We's got a new meowmber of the furr-family! We adopted a baby squillion from Jeter Harris, and she was brought home today! She is furry dainty, a little tuxie wif a bell on! Much sniffing was undertaken when Meowmy introduced us, and she's already one of the family! Howefur, she needs a name! Meowmy is thinkin Grizzabella, from Cats, and sorta in memory of Gizzy too! But we's open to suggestions, soooo, her's her piccie, and leave comments if you have name suggestions, or if you like Grizzabella!


Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

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It's our Meowmy's purrfday so we's gonna do a T.T. abouts her!

  1. She is twenny-ate today, we can't efen figger out how old dat is in kitty!
  2. She is furry soft, good for snuggles and biscuits!
  3. She is "add-ic-ted" to sumfin called a Nin-ten-do DS... it makes beepy funny noises!
  4. She is GranMeowmy's youngest bean and gets called "da bay-bee"
  5. She has lots and lots of books, which gives us lotsa places to climb!
  6. She loves moosic, but we don't!
  7. She loves moofies and has tons and tons of dee-vee-dee's
  8. She is da shortest person in her family,she says she's a "hobbit"..wuzzat, she's our Meowmy!
  9. She's not skeered of lisserds or froggies, she catches them and puts them back outside(Booooo!)
  10. She is FURRY skeered of spidey-things!!
  11. She loves Amy Brown pikshurs, and Brian Froud pikshurs
  12. She loves to take pikshurs!
  13. She has lots of "collections"- GranMeowmy says "space wasters and dust catchers!"

We hope you liked hearing a little about our Meowmy, now we's gotta go purr and snuggy her all up!


Wednesday, June 27, 2007


don't tell, but tomorrow is Meowmy's purrfday!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


GranMeowmy broughted stinkies home, life iz grate, as Jeter Harris says!

Tuesday Talk

There just isn't much to repurrt, GranMeowmy wented back to wurk yesserday so all da moovin stuffs and cleanings is ofur. Meowmy's here wif us but efurryone is too busy seepin and restin up after all da wurk last week to do much else! We did get 'nip on sunday, mmm, and Meowmy found a toofhole in day 'nip container, oops, sumbuddy tried to sneaksies it on der own!

Meowmy was using a funny flat flashy thing last night, it's furry noisey, she kept opening and closing it, she said it is a "scanner"..wuzzat? She wuddn't let us walk on it while she was using it, so we didn't get to investigate purroperly, hrmph!

We mays be adopting a baby squillion! Jeter Harris has a litter of baby squillions that needs homes,and we hopes we can bring one of dem here and raise it to be a good Yankees fan like we is! We fink we'd be furry good purr-ants to it, there are 6 of us so it would never be unsnoopervised or uncared for!

We is also unhappy to re-purrt we has run OUT of stinkies!! How is dis possible?! We want our stinkies and we wants them on time, da hoomans is bad fur not going in the metal machine wif wheels to go get us more the second it was gone, HRMPH! We is havin to "make do" wif crunchies, and that is just no fe-air!


Friday, June 22, 2007


We gots a package today!! We was one of the 11.000th bloggie winners from The Missouri Meowers, and we got our prize! The Meowlman lefted it just fur us! Meowmy hadda help us open it tho acause of that darn 'posable thumb problem! We got a package of toys that had jingle balls in it, a ringy thing (We LOVES RINGY THINGYS!), a mousie and a fluffy jingle toy, AND we gots KITTY KAVIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YUM!!! Meowmy put some down fur us and we gobbled it, Little B didn't efen come up fur air, Meowmy says he snarfed it up like a Hoover(Wuzzat?)! Fank you so bery much you guys!
*Purrrrrrrs & headbutts!*

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Daisy, we's furry sorry, but we heard GranMeowmy tell Meowmy earlier that she caughted our lisserd and let him go!! We nefur got a chance to look at him! We's furry disappointed, but we will keep trying to study them efurry chance we gets! Beanz is mean, dey takes all the funtoys away, how is we apposed to LEARN anyfing?!

Thursday Thirteen

Yay we gets to play TT today!
Here's 13 things about us!

  1. We is all 100% indoor kitties
  2. We can gives Meowmy a "heart attack" by climbing up super high on top of cabinets!
  3. We's not furry interested in hunting, or at least not what Meowmy thinks we should hunt!
  4. We have only started getting Stinkies recently, and only 2 of us like it! (H and Little M)
  5. Her Majesty and Mister H like 'nip, but they purr-fur to sniff va-ler-ian root, it makes them crazy!
  6. Little M runs up walls like he's at the "X-Games"..whatefur those is!
  7. Meowmy brought Mister H home but he is attached to da buddy and he gets MAD if da buddy doesn't come and go when H thinks he should!
  8. Her Majesty is equally devoted to da Meowmies, but ONLY to them, she hates malebeanz!
  9. Miss M LOVES toy mousies, you can say the word mouse and she comes running!
  10. Mr E EATS the mousies after he steals them from Miss M
  11. Miss M sleeps on Mr E (He's her brofur) every chance she gets, and he just lies and looks like "why me?"
  12. Mister H is efurryone's "guardian", if someone starts to play too rough and squeals, he comes running to take care of them!
  13. Mister H plays daddy to Little B and Little M!


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Snoopervising 3, Lisserd, and ofur kitty details

The Hoomans is just cleanin and "re-org-an-iz-ing" things, not moovin, we thinks they's just lost their minds, and are makin messes! But we'll have more walls to run up when they's done acause they's moved out shelves that was in our way!

Daisy,we will do our bestest to examine our lisserd furry closely while he has his tail, unless Meowmy catches him, then she'll put him outside afore we can!

Mr Hendrix,the ofur kitty lives next door to us,but his hoomans let him wander around unsnoopervised or harnessed, he likes to come sleep on the car-port, or lounge under our winnows! Mr H doesn't like him, they've had hissy fights throo da winnows a few times!

Snoopervising Update

Mr Hendrix askeded me how da snoopervisin went so I tought I'd update! The Hoomans is STILL movin and messin wif stuffs, so I'm on dooty again, but da ofurs is up too this time. Yesterday's snoopervising went good, I found the purrfect spot to watch from between nappies! Today I'm making rounds to snoopervise, lookin at efurryfing and I had to kill da evil swif-fur da older Meowmy was usin afore it could hurt her!

Oh oh I almos furgotted, Daisey, we's got a LISSERD in da house! It snucked in the ofur day and Meowmy hassn been able to catch it yet, hehehe, Imma catch it fur her and ex-am-ine it like you did george!

i gotta stop snoopervisin, der's anofur kitty in our yard!!
Little B

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Da hoomans is at it again, movin stuff and goin though inneresin boxes and and efurryone else is aseepin, so it's all up to me to snoopervise, and I'm getting seepy too! Should I leave da hoomans un-snoopervised so I can nap? I dunno if it's a good idea, you know how much twouble hoomans can get into! Maybe if I nap right where they are they'll know they still are being snoopervised...
Sleepy Little B

Monday, June 18, 2007

Manic Monday

What a day, da Momma's (Our meowmy and her meowmy) has been crazy today, and I heard Meowmy say there's more to do!

Our day today has included

  • TOOOOOOOOOONA! Yum yum, they hads it for lunch and we got a whole can to share!
  • Snoopervising while da hoomans mooveded furnitures around
  • a frootbat laser-eyed combo pose in a winnow
  • a rattly ball to bat around and bunny kick!
  • Clean clothes to sleep in when no hooman was watchin!
  • a lovely lounge in sunny winnows between snoopervisings!
  • Stinkies, more yum yum!
  • Milk, even MORE yum yum (Da buddy giveded us dis, not Meowmy)

There's gonna be more stuffs mooved around tomeowow, so we's gotta go seepies now so we have lotsa energy to snoopervise it all!


Saturday, June 16, 2007

YES Meowmy

I see sumfin unner da hot cooky thing even if you do not! So lemme hunt!
Little B
(Meowmy note-it's not on and he's laying on the floor, just staring under there and occasionally sticking a paw under LOL)

Friday, June 15, 2007


I do NOT wike it when I cannot find my bubby, it makes me CWY! Then Meowmy gets upset acause I's fussy and won't settle down no mattew what she does! I wants my BUBBY! He was aseepin in the winnow wifout me and wuddint answew ME!
Little M, B's Brofur

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Her majesty just caught in a no-no spot tryin to steal the 'nip!! Mommy fussed at her!
(We's just glad it's not us!)

Monday, June 11, 2007


is da hoomans so nutty ofur our nosies? Meowmy luvs to rub and call them "vel-vet", but they're not vel-vet, they's our nosies! Beanz is so weird!

Saturday, June 9, 2007


Oooooooooh we gots real dried nip for the furst time tonight, we's soooooooo gone, it's gooood :: glassy eyed stare :: we's hungry, time to find foods!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Double the PEACE

We gots a globe for peace piccie! :) PEACE PEACE PEACE PEACE! PEACE NOW! WE WANT PEACE!

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Tuesday, June 5, 2007


We din't get a piccie done just fur us, but we wanted to show we's fur PEACE, so we hopes no one minds we are using the general piccie from Cat Blogosphere.

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We did it!

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Yay Meowmy!

With Mungo'n Teazer's Mommy's help, she gotted our piccies up over to the side, so now you can see us wif or wifout the linky she put up earlier!


we think this'll work, so here's a linky to our piccies, Meowmy hassn't figgered out how to do the piccies on the side, and when she tried in da bloggie, it only showed a bit of the pikshur, so she's just linkying to our album! We hope it works!


Monday, June 4, 2007


*Snarfscarfchomp* TOOOOOOONA!!!!!!!!


Some of our furr-riends in the Catblogosphere is bein attacked by "stoopid tin cans" (that's what Momma calls 'em anyway, and she says someone oughta take a canopener to their heads,but that's silly, can openers is fur TOOOONA!), and need help. The stoopid tin cans has blocked their bloggie, calling it "spam" acause they post a lot!! So email blogspot and purrrotest the injustice!!
Here's the "yoooo arrrr elll" for emailing!!

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Saturday, June 2, 2007


*THREE* cans of stinky goodness in one day..THREE!!! Plus TOOONA, snuggles, cuddles, skritches, playtimes, BIRDIES to watch, all our usual crunchies and our freedom! Can it get better?!


We're FREE! We got outta jail dis mornin!! We's so happy,and we's gotten cans of stinkies(Mommy's gotta buy us Toooona, she found out we din't have none!) But the Hoomans is worshippin us like they's aposed too, so we're happy fur now!

Friday, June 1, 2007


We's still locked up! Mommy's come in and snuggled and played wif us but it's not enuff! She told us they is havin a furry hard time getting the pipe that broked fixed, she and da buddy were up til almost 3am working again and it's not right yet! Da Buddy's furry upset and fur-rustrated, and so's Mommy, AND the Other Momma! She said we's gonna pull a "Shaw-Shank" if we can't be loose soon (Wuzza Shaw-Shank?)! We's got the winnows but it's a gloomy day here and not much to watch, so we's snoozing a lot, Mommy says we's been furry good kitties, not fighting or getting mad wif each ofur. We each haf a spot we likes, so I guess we can get along if we haf too! Mommy said once we's loose she'll gives us TOONA to make up fur all of it!
That's the update fur now!