Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Yay Meowmy!

With Mungo'n Teazer's Mommy's help, she gotted our piccies up over to the side, so now you can see us wif or wifout the linky she put up earlier!


Victor Tabbycat said...

Yea! Now you can see me wave! ::waves paw:: Do you really go by letters fur names?

Max said...

:::waves at you all:::

The Feline Sextet said...

:: waves back to Max :: You're the reason we're here, our Mommy LOVES your blog(She found you through the mows, but doesn't read them anymore, too sad for her, she also loves The Woman's and Buddah's blogs :)

Victor, no, we have regular names, and tons and tons of nicknames from our Mommy, but she's a little purr-anoid about privacy on the intercatnet so she decided to use ours initials for us, except for Her Majesty, but that's acause she's the oldest, and ruler of the world (she thinks)...plus with six of us she says more time would be spent typing names, than blogs!

jcfloresinc said...

Very nice pictures of you. So nice to see you finally. We love your blog.
Samantha & Tigger