Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Her majesty just caught in a no-no spot tryin to steal the 'nip!! Mommy fussed at her!
(We's just glad it's not us!)


Mungo N Teazer said...

Gooonessss.... do we littlebits gotta teech you EFURRYFING???? Ya gotta wait for da hooomans to all be seepin afore you go ta snaggie da treet boxes!!!!

The Feline Sextet said...

Mommy was in her room, so we thoughts it was safe!

Marie the Defender said...

Ahhhh....can't blame Her Majesty, catnip is DA BOMB, as I am sure she will agree.... ;) We enjoy 'nip very, very, VERY much, hehe.

Zoey and the furballs (the Zoo Crew) said...

Hmmm catnip... I'd try stealing it too.