Monday, April 14, 2008

Fank yoo

fur alls yur kind wurds to Meowmy an us, we appurciates dems furry furry much. Meowmy finks she'll haf sumfin soons to show in meowmory of Her Majesty, so we'll talk to yoos all soons, we is just not furry chatty right now,we all misses Her Majesty, so we's gonna stay quiets fur a little while longers.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Then there were 5

We is heartbroked to tell our kitteh furr-ends dat Her Majesty has passeded aways :'( Granmeowmy tolded Meowmy last nites, but it happened 2 we-eeks ago, she said she just curled up and wents to sleeps and nefur woked ups. Meowmy is devustayted and we's sad, but we noes issa okies too acause now Her Majesty's happy and playing wif Meowmy's Daddy who dieded a long times ago, afor any of us was borned.

We's sorry dat our furst postie in so long's gotta be sad noos, but we wanted our furr-ends to noes abouts dis.

The Five of Us.