Tuesday, September 25, 2007

More Purrfdays

Well, we don't knows exact days, but Meowmy knows about how olds we was when we camed home to her, and she's pretty sure dat Little B and Little M turn 2 years old eifur to-day or yesserday, she finks dey was about 4 weeks old when Da Buddy saveded dems from Hurry-cane Wilma and broughts dems home, and dens Miss M and Mr E have der purrfdays in the next week or so too, and da V-E-T told Meowmy dat Mr H was about der same age, so she figures he'll be 8 years old like dem!

If it's so many purrfdays, shouldn't we get extra tem-tay-shuns and toys and toona and toona jooce?

Friday, September 21, 2007

Week recap!

  • Last Fur-i-day, Mr H fell outta GranMeowmy's winnow and made a biggie mess, and now he's askeered to seep in winnows!
  • We gots FEVVERBALLS!!!!!! Dey's so fun!
  • We gots a new box dat makes a how-se if it's upside down!
  • Little M felled off da cabby-net da box was on afore we gots it and skeered himself!
  • Her Majesty sneezied as GranMeowmy walked by her to-nite and it skeered GranMeowmy, hahahahaha!
  • Der's been a lotta boomers frum da skies and LOTSA wet stuffs ALL week!

We finks dats it, an it's bedtimes so we's gotsa go fur nows!


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hahahaha more pirates

Our Meowmy has a game called Da Sims 2 fur her "Dee-esss" gameboy, and efen it's getting in on da pirate funs todays! When she turns it on she gets a phone call frum da pirate char-ak-ter sayin it's pirate day, and den ALL da peeples in da game is talking like da pirate cha-ak-ter! We finks dis is FURRY funny!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Arrrr! It's Pirate day for Kitteh's!

Here's some Pirate facts frum us!

we founded dems on dis webby page http://www.beaglebay.com/pirate_facts.htm
  • ......
    Did you know:
    Pirates were the first democratic organization in the "New World"

    Each pirate was allowed to vote on where the ship was to go or if a colonial ship should be attacked.

  • Each pirate received an equal share of the booty, with a double share going to the captain, the pilot, the carpenter, the cook, and a share set aside for the maintenance of the ship. Most pirates were paid four times as much as they had ever received as merchant or naval men. However, if no plunder was captured, no one would be paid.
  • Each pirate signed an agreement—called "articles"—before they "joined" (many were forced to become pirates when the buccaneers captured their ships). This paper detailed how much they would be paid, behavior expected (no gambling, no fighting except on land, no stealing) and punishments for breaking rules.

  • For breaking the rules spelled out in the articles, a pirate would be marooned with a flagon of water and a pistol, to survive or die. Because most of the Caribbean islands are mere spits of sand, most of the men died.

  • Articles of clothing were acquired from plundering ships. Pirates often wore some very odd costumes because of this. But no pirate would be caught wearing "slops" – the striped shirt worn by British sailors.

  • Pirate ships had unusually large crews
    There were up to eighty pirates per ship. In contrast, most English ships had only thirty men. Work was evenly distributed among the pirate crew, and so jobs got done faster with less strain than on traditional colonial ships. Many considered a berth on a pirate ship easy pay for little work.

  • In many cases, pirates wouldn’t have to fire a shot. The mere approach of a pirate ship would cause most colonial captains to surrender. Then the captured captain would try to make some sort of deal that would result in the least amount of death and injuries. This often worked — but not always! There were many pirates–Blackbeard for one–who engaged in ruthless, bloody brigandage for the sheer sport of it

  • Pirates had the New World’s first insurance compensation plan

    A typical document might award money ("specie") or slaves in the following way:
    loss of right arm 600 pieces of eight
    loss of left arm 500 pieces of eight
    loss of right leg 500 pieces of eight
    loss of left leg 400 pieces of eight
    loss of eye or finger 100 pieces of eight
    loss of both legs or arms 800 pieces of eight and a slave
    (Source: David Cordingly, Under the Black Flag)

  • The captain of a pirate ship wasn’t the ship’s master
    The captain (like Blackbeard or Henry Morgan) was, in fact, a battle leader for boarding ships and leading land raids. The ship’s pilot, the person who actually steered the ship, was the real captain. He received a share of booty equal to the captain.

  • If the pirate crew felt the captain was not succeeding (getting the men enough plunder), they would vote him out and elect a new captain from among their number.

  • The captain’s cabin was open for anyone to use — a sort of "den" if you will.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Name Meme

we wasn't taggied but we's gonna play enneways! It's simple to play, you's just gotta tell how you gots your name! We use nicknames on here but they's our initials(well except Her Majesty, she has that nickname acause she's the oldest and da Queen of da wurld-in her 'pinion-) so we can still tell the story behind da name!

Her Majesty's been here da longest, since 1994, and Meowmy named her affer a TV show that she was fan-at-ic-al fur back dens!

Mr E and Miss M are littermates, and their names came from Meowmy liking fannasy stories and furry tales...oh, she says it's FANTASY and FAIRY...whatefur Meowmy, who's tellin dis story?!

Mr H's name comes from a movie Meowmy has loved since she was little, more fairy tales!

Little B and Little M is littermates too, Little B got his name from Meowmy's fee-yawn-say, it's a place, and Little M's name comes from anofur book, more fantasy!

We's starting to fink our Meowmy is obsessed a little, what do you finks?

We tags Max and Buddah, The Jellicles and FireKitteh, and Daisy!

Thursday, September 13, 2007


all we's hearded all day is noise! bangings and sawings and racket, HOW is kittehs apposed to takes our naps wif all dat ruckus?! Meowmy's grouchy about it too, she says it's getting on her nerfs! We dont knows what dat means, but it duzzent sounds good!

Thursday, September 6, 2007


WE GOTS TEM-TAY-SHUNS!!!!!!!!!!! Meowmy boughted us a baggie of BEEF ones and day is SO furry good, we scarfed as many as she'd give us, and we wants MORE!!! Now we unnerstans why efurryone luvs dems so much! YUM YUM YUM! GIVE US MORE MEOWMY!!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Misc. Monday

Meowmy did it agains! Der was a LISSERD in da howse last night and she wouldn't let us haf it! Meanie Meowmy, we was chasin it and gonna get it and bitey it since we knows Lisserds is RUDE (Right Daisy?!), and what'd she do? She SAVED it and putted it back owtside where we couldn't haf it, HRMPH! Now she's complaining too dat she hurted her back and is in pain acause she hadda pull out da cowch to get da lisserd so she's whimpering and grumping!

What else is der to tell? Oh, we's out of stinky goodness, and da hoomans haven't gone to get us more yet, HRMPH! We gots some toona/toona juice, which we luvs but it's not da sames, and we don't get as much of it!

Right affer the lisserd chase last night Miss M broked one of GranMeowmy's lamps, and she didn't efen get in trubble acause Meowmy'd warned her about a bazillion sleeps ago dat if she lefted the lamps der dey was gonna get broked acause we jump up where she lefted dems, Miss M is ok but is skeered her bad, she hid under Da Buddy's bed for a long time!

We finks dat's it fur now, so we's gonna go read our furriends blogs!