Monday, July 30, 2007


We's still here but der's nufin good to repurrt, it's too hot to even work up a game of rampaging heffalumps, and if it's not hot, it's booming outside and we's hiding from that! We's visiting all our furr-ends like we always do, but haven't been commenting much, we's bad blogger kitties lately! We's gonna keep our ears open and we'll repurrt anyfing fun that happens!

Friday, July 27, 2007

This 'n That

We furgived Meowmy fur goin away, (But we's still guarding da soot-case!) and fur playin wif woofies and a hor-se, but we still dunno what a hor-se is!

It's been furry quiet here, even tho Meowmy and GranMeowmy has gone away efurry evening,dey's comed back so it's ok, and more impurrtant dey hasn't disrup-ted our skedule of foods naps and plays!

We's startin to fink Meowmy is part kitty, she's been seepin a lot like we do, and she usually doesn't take nappies! She said she's "re-cover-ing from bay-kay-shun", which doesn't make sense, but then, what do hoomans do that makes sense?!


Monday, July 23, 2007

We's back!

Meowmy camed home last nights! She smelled like TWO woofies, and we was NOT happy, Mr H, Miss M and Her Majesty are the only ones who let her come near them, da rest of us was smart and ranned away til affer she went in the wet place and smelled like meowmy again! She smelled like anofur anny-mal too, a horse, but we dunno what dat is, it sure smelled BIG tho!
Meowmy says she misseded us lots but we''s givin her da cold paw acause she lefted us, efen tho we misseded her too, she's gotta learn to not left us behind! Right now Her Majesty is asleepin on top of the soot-case so Meowmy can't sneaks off!

Oh yeah, she's also hung up on that Harry guy we saws some of our kitty furr-ends talkin about too, she isn't quite tho acause she got a late start!

We didn't get to visit efurryone last night, just a few acause Meowmy was tired and turned the pooterbox back off (Hisss!), but we's gonna try to get caughted up today, we misseded our furr-ends!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Skritchy Heaven

oooh we dunno what Meowmy had done to her hands last night, but we likes it, skritchies feel soooooo good, she's got claws or sumfin, and the skritches is outta da world wif 'em! We can't gets enuff!
OH, she says they's called a-crill-icks, whatefur Meowmy, just keep skritching!

Monday, July 16, 2007

No No NO!

Meowmy's going away Wensy and won't be back til Sunny! We'll be here with Granmeowmy, but she can't blog her way out of a paper sack isn't furry good wif da compooter, so we can't visit or bloggie whille Meowmy's away! We efen heard her day sumfin 'bout seeing WOOFIES!! What if da woofies eats her up?! *Cries* Meowmy, don't goooooo!T.F.S.

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Meowmy's packing fur her trip, but she won't let us get in to go wif her, dis is no fe-air! We nefur gived her purrmissin to go anywhere, and ESPESHULLY wifout us! Things is all out of ru-teen and we don't likes it!

Friday, July 13, 2007

The Phantom Menace

I, The Most Regal, Serene, Imperial, Royal, Majestic Highness have discovered a new menace to the world of kitties. This insidious intruder has made it's presence known in my home this very night, and I have squelched this attempted invasion, but feel it nessecary to warn all others about it, as it may be in your own home right now!

What you ask is this danger? The Humans call it "bubble wrap", but I know it is far more than some simple product used to protect things! This threat lurks in homes, and I believe it is storing data about all humanity in the innocuous looking "bubbles". I caught a piece of it drifting through my living room tonight, thus proving it's sneakiness! I subdued it with a strong pounce, a rapid fire series of bunny kicks and a BITE. Take note, and remember these moves in case the "bubble wrap" invades your home!

Her Majesty

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Hoomans

Is seriously out of line, our stinkies were *furry* late tonight, Meowmy and GranMeowmy left as soon as GranMeowmy gotted home from wurk and dey didn't get homes til it was dark! This is serious kitty neglect in our 'pinion, da buddy camed home,but sheesh, we thoughts we had them all trained better than dat! Mister H hollered at them as soon as dey camed inside, and GranMeowmy gave the stinkies, but we thinks if this keeps up we's going to haf a confurence on their job purrfurmance!

Sunday, July 8, 2007


It's hot, we don't feels like doin NUFFIN when it's hot, even with the cold air blower and the air spinners, all we wants to do is sleeeeeep! Is it hot where you is too?

Friday, July 6, 2007


The stinkies ban is ofur, yaaaaaay! Howefur, it is super stormy here and boomy and we don't like that, so booooo!

We founded out that Meowmy's going away!! She is going on vay-kay-shun! Wifout US! She's going for 5 whole days! GranMeowmy will be here wif us, but, fe-air! Dat means we won't be ables to bloggie OR visit our friends fur dose days! HRMPH! (GranMeowmy can use a pooperbox but she isn't furry good at it!)

Meowmy wanted us to tell efurryone that while we don't comment lots, we read efurry day, we luvs our kitty bloggie friends!

The Tomato-y Goodness Her Majesty stoled yesserday was soup wif cheese in it, she didn't get furry much afore Meowmy caughted her, she usually just gets to lap the bowl when Meowmy's done, so she never gets much, she's always liked it tho!

Meowmy was shockeded last nite at Mr H, he isn't a grumpy kitty, (She says if she'd had him as a kidbean, he woulda been the kitty you could dress up in doll clothes and play wif, he's super mellow and sweet!) and he has only growlied or hisseded 3 or 4 times efur, and since Little M wasn't buggin him, she was furry upset, we's allowed to hissy at each ofur to say "leave me alone" if somekitty is buggin us, but not fur no reason, so he got scolded, and he knew why, acause he stompied off to the front winnow and stayed der!

We finks dat's all for now, and da boomies is louder, so we's gonna go hidey now!
Headbutts and purrs!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Ut oh

Mister H is in big trouble wif Meowmy! He was bein mean to Little M and all Little M was doin was lyin on the floor! Mister H had been askin for stinkies and GranMeowmy told him he hadda wait, but now Meowmy says he's not allowed to haf none acause he's bein a piggy and not sharing(Granmeowmy told her that) and acause he was nasty to da baby! She says if he keeps bein piggy she's not gonna let us have stinkies anymore! NOOOOO
It's not a kitty's day around here, must be all the wet stuff and boomies from the sky today!

Well I never!

How was I supposed to know you were coming back for more of the tomato-y goodness HOOMAN! You got up and left it right there for anykitty who wanted too to help themselves when you went to the door! So what if I helped myself, you know I enjoy tomato-y goodness and I had been waiting for my share!

So don't you go fussing at me and calling me "naughty", OBVIOUSLY this was a total set up to frame me for some sick hooman experiment!

Her Royal Majesty

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

A Lisserd Tail

(Note, Meowmy made us use da furry bad pun for our title!)

In our old house, Meowmy's room had a big clear door and the pa-tee-ooo off of it, it was screened, but we wasn't allowed on it, but sometimes lisserds got in, and there was one in particular who showed up EFURRY day! He was a big, dark lisserd(but he could change colors!) with a ridge on his back and a collar (But it didn't look like the collars we's seen). He showed up efurry day at least once, right up at the big clear door, and Mister H would go BONKERS tryin to get him, chattering and tail whipping (he's a short tail so that's not easy!), bonking his head into the clear door, efurrything, and Meowmy couldn't convince him the lisserd was out of his paws!

Meowmy would watch the lisserd, and how he watched Mister H throo da clear door, and she figgered out he KNEW he was tor-tur-ing Mister H. He would look at him and bob his head up and down, and stick his red throat thingy out while he watched Mister H spazzing! He was LAUGHING at him! This went on for ages and ages, always about the same time and same spot! Meowmy and GranMeowmy and Da Buddy had da nerve to LAFF ofur it too! Poor Mister H never did get a chance to catch his lisserd!

So that's our lisserd story, we hope you liked it!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


mmmmm, toona juice is *HIC,Giggle!* good stuff...

More Adoptions and re-decorating!

We is purr-oud to announce we has adopted not only Gizzoo Grizabella, but also adopted 2 virtual squillions from the Cat Blogosphere Shelter! We's furry happy to have Frodo and Gandalf join our family and we hopes to add more too!

Not much noos here, ofur than evil noisy things outside, Meowmy calls them fire-wurks and she hates them almost as much as us! Meowmy grew us some kitty-grass but we's not ofurly thrilled wif it, but we got TOOOONA Sunday so we's happy wif that!

Meowmy is playing wif our bloggie, changing colors and stuff, not sure what we's gonna end up wif!

We's got a lisserd story to tell tomeowow, so keep an eye out! (It's an old story but Meowmy says we should share acause it's funny!)