Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Gotchas and Purrfays!

Wowies, it's been a whole 'nofur year! Miss M, Mr E and Mr H has all had dere Purrfdays, dey is 9 years old nows, and da lil dudes, Mr B and Mr M is 3!! It's also been Miss M and Mr E's Gotcha day, or will be in the next day or two, Meowmy can't amember da egsact day, den Lil Duds Gotcha Day is da end of dis monf, dey camed homes 2 days afore hurry-cane will-ma in 2005, dey was TEENY lil guys too!

Her Majesty's Gotcha Day was in mid-August, we stills miss her lots, so we's goin to paw-tay extra hards fur her too, maybe even sneaks in a house-trashin party, just acause we cans!!

Ofur dens all dis, not a lotta stuffs to re-purrt, GranMeowmy lefted us not just once, but TWICE ofur da summer, once fur a bay-cay-shun and one time to go see HER Meowmy (Wowie, GranMeowmy's old, so HER Meowmy must be really really olds, older den we cans count!), all in a monf's time, so we got lefted here wif Da Buddy. We was good kittehs tho and didn't trash da house den, so all the more reason too nows, hehehehe!

We finks dat's all fur nows, see yoo's all soons, we still read lotsa bloggies, just don't get a lotta time to post, GranMeowmy's sneaksy and closes her pooterbox when she's done wif it, and we hassn't gots da op-pose-able fumbs to opens da lid!

See yoo's around!!