Friday, September 14, 2007

Name Meme

we wasn't taggied but we's gonna play enneways! It's simple to play, you's just gotta tell how you gots your name! We use nicknames on here but they's our initials(well except Her Majesty, she has that nickname acause she's the oldest and da Queen of da wurld-in her 'pinion-) so we can still tell the story behind da name!

Her Majesty's been here da longest, since 1994, and Meowmy named her affer a TV show that she was fan-at-ic-al fur back dens!

Mr E and Miss M are littermates, and their names came from Meowmy liking fannasy stories and furry tales...oh, she says it's FANTASY and FAIRY...whatefur Meowmy, who's tellin dis story?!

Mr H's name comes from a movie Meowmy has loved since she was little, more fairy tales!

Little B and Little M is littermates too, Little B got his name from Meowmy's fee-yawn-say, it's a place, and Little M's name comes from anofur book, more fantasy!

We's starting to fink our Meowmy is obsessed a little, what do you finks?

We tags Max and Buddah, The Jellicles and FireKitteh, and Daisy!


Daisy said...

Thanks for tagging me! Pixie and I will work on this soon.

Mickey said...

I like to hear about how kitties get their names. Mom likes to read fantasy .She thinks it's neat that the kitties have character names that have just the first letter.Like Little M.Thats cool!