Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Yay we gets to play TT today!
Here's 13 things about us!

  1. We is all 100% indoor kitties
  2. We can gives Meowmy a "heart attack" by climbing up super high on top of cabinets!
  3. We's not furry interested in hunting, or at least not what Meowmy thinks we should hunt!
  4. We have only started getting Stinkies recently, and only 2 of us like it! (H and Little M)
  5. Her Majesty and Mister H like 'nip, but they purr-fur to sniff va-ler-ian root, it makes them crazy!
  6. Little M runs up walls like he's at the "X-Games"..whatefur those is!
  7. Meowmy brought Mister H home but he is attached to da buddy and he gets MAD if da buddy doesn't come and go when H thinks he should!
  8. Her Majesty is equally devoted to da Meowmies, but ONLY to them, she hates malebeanz!
  9. Miss M LOVES toy mousies, you can say the word mouse and she comes running!
  10. Mr E EATS the mousies after he steals them from Miss M
  11. Miss M sleeps on Mr E (He's her brofur) every chance she gets, and he just lies and looks like "why me?"
  12. Mister H is efurryone's "guardian", if someone starts to play too rough and squeals, he comes running to take care of them!
  13. Mister H plays daddy to Little B and Little M!



Mungo N Teazer said...

Ooh tell our Mommy we wanna try dat root stuff. And I need more toooooooona!


Daisy said...

I am starting to learn a lot about you all! Mister H sounds like a very good protector. I have never tried valerian root. It sounds like something I might like!

The Feline Sextet said...

Daisy, Valerian root is VERY stinky but Her Majesty and Mister H LOVE it, Mister H will steal it if he can! you can't chew or roll in it like 'nip, Meowmy buys a bottle and just lets us sniff and sniff! She made a toy with it once for us and Mister H dug it out from a drawer he wanted it so bad!
Mungo, we'll tell our Meowmy too tell da Momma to get some fur you!