Friday, June 1, 2007


We's still locked up! Mommy's come in and snuggled and played wif us but it's not enuff! She told us they is havin a furry hard time getting the pipe that broked fixed, she and da buddy were up til almost 3am working again and it's not right yet! Da Buddy's furry upset and fur-rustrated, and so's Mommy, AND the Other Momma! She said we's gonna pull a "Shaw-Shank" if we can't be loose soon (Wuzza Shaw-Shank?)! We's got the winnows but it's a gloomy day here and not much to watch, so we's snoozing a lot, Mommy says we's been furry good kitties, not fighting or getting mad wif each ofur. We each haf a spot we likes, so I guess we can get along if we haf too! Mommy said once we's loose she'll gives us TOONA to make up fur all of it!
That's the update fur now!


Mungo N Teazer said...

Ooh ooh we know! we know! A shaw-shank is.... SHINY! Light! Want light! Mommy, give us light! And toona! And stinky! Um, what were we sayin?

One-Eyed Jack said...

Oooo! Let the kitties out! Let the Kitties out! Let the Kitties OUT!!

'K, was that loud enough to make your mommas let you out?! I don't like being locked up neither. When I came to my forever home just a few months ago, my Food Lady-Mom tried to lock me up in a room, but I said NUH-UH!!! And I came right out!! And I kept coming right out and hollering at her if she closed the door on me! And she made me stay in the room at night because the Big Mean Black and White Kitty didn't like me, and he was mad, but eventually I kept hollering until she didn't make me stay in the room anymore at night!

I hope you gets out soon!


Zoey and the furballs (the Zoo Crew) said...

Set them free! Set them free! The furballs hate being locked up too. They get locked in a room when Mommy and Daddy leave for work because their still so young they get into everything. So they are particularly vocal about your plight.