Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Oh NOES! :'(

Oh Noes noes noes :'( We is so sads, we just saw dat Caeser wented to da bridge, we's all leaking and Mommy's heartbroken, she's so sad now and says she feels furry guilty and what if sumfin happens to ones of us and she's gone away :'( she's sads and we can'ts makes her feels better, and it doesn't help dat she and GranMeowmy was talkin on da fone about how Her Majesty will be Forteen dis summer. Plus Meowmy could hear Little M chittering at GranMeowmy, which is good and bad.

Dis seperashun stuff's tuff :( We sends our furry best purrs to Prinnie and her hoomans tho, and we hopes dat dey gets thro dis okies.


Mickey said...

It is very sad that Caesar went to the Bridge. He was such a great cat and I miss him. I will be 15 in July. I guess all we older kitties can do is just be happy and love our beans.
Her Majesty is being loved and cared for and is happy. That's what really matters.
Caesar passed and was happy,that makes me happy.
Purrs Mickey

Tybalt said...

It is very sad, but we all have to be brave and think positive.

Caeser had a great life and was cuddled with his sister when he crossed, the bridge, which is the best way to go, in my kitty opinion. I only hope that my sisters and I are so lucky when our time comes . . . hopefully a long time from now!