Saturday, May 26, 2007


WOWIE we got lotsa bloggiements, yay! :) We are going to tell you about us, but Mommy doesn't know how to do pikshurs on here, but as soon as Mungo'n Teazer's Mommy can help, I'm sure we'll have some up! :) We'll also see if she can help us make our bloggie purrtier,we know it's furry blah right now! Here's a little about us fur starts!

Hmph, about time I get to have my say! I am Her Most Regal,Imperial, Royal Majesty, also known as "Her Majesty", or "The Queen"..I am about 13 years old now, and I have owned my Hoomans since I was a few months old, I came to them from someone the older Momma worked with,and I am my Momma's baby.I am a lovely shiney black kitty, with a white spot on my bib and belly, and 4 white whiskers!
I am very picky about who I will be around, I prefer my momma and her momma(the "other momma") to anyone, and I do NOT like male hoomans at all, if they come NEAR me I warn them with a strong HISSSSSSSSSSSS and SWATS with my claws! I do NOT run from strangers either, unlike the rest of them, I stand my ground and show any intruder the proper disdain!
I am adored and worshipped by my hoomans, as befits my status as QUEEN, and I do NOT like the interlopers, I was a very happy ONLY kitty, but due to an accident I disappeared for a while and my Mommy was miserable without kitty love(Who can blame her!? What's LIFE without THE KITTY!), so the next two showed up, and then I came home! Momma was VERY happy about that, but I still have a souvenir of that mis-adventure, someone was foolish and thought *I* was feral and clipped one of my ears! HRMPH! But I'm still my Momma's darling, as well i should be, I KNOW she loves ME best, no matter what anyone says! I'm not a picky eater, I'll eat most human food if it's offered(I LOVE tomato stuff!), and I can hear a can of t-u-n-a being opened from anywhere! I also like melted ice cream, and I'll eat certain types of stinky food! I'll eat treats too, but my all time favorite thing isn't food, it's the smell of valerian root, it's the ultimate in kitty-crack for me, nip doesn't do much, but I go wild for that stuff!

I'm Miss M, and I'm a petite tortie girly, and I'll be 8 years old in the fall, just like my brofur Mr E. I am a very shy little girl, and spend a lot of my time sleeping alone in quiet places, and I always hide if there's someone strange in the house! I do talk though, not as much as brofur does,but I have a meow and I'm not afraid to use it! I'm picky about my affection too, I'll cuddle my hoomans, but only on MY terms, however, my brofur is always fair game to become my pillow or mattress! I love my brofur very much, and I'm furry glad our mommies adopted us both, the older mommy didn't want a boykitty but young mommy insisted! I like to play vicious too, brofur and I have wild wrestling matches sometimes, and I have a LOVELY strong growl and hiss that I can use to seem meeean! I don't like the little kitties, even though they try to get me to play, I always warn them away with a HISSSS and a swat, but I never hurt them, they're just babies really and refuse to listen to the mommas when they warn them! I'm a finicky girl too, I don't like any people food, or even treats, I just like my dry crunchy food and water, oh and cereal milk! I always get the bottom of the bowl when someone has cereal, yummy!

I'm Mr E, and I'm Miss M's brofur, so I'm almost 8 years old too! I'm a pretty mellow guy(my Mommy says she shoulda named me "Eeyore" cause I'm always lookin like I'm moping...what's an "Eeyore"?), I like to lounge, I don't mind bein held or cuddled, I'm a very talkative boy(Especially in the middle of the night, I LOVE to talk when it's all dark and quiet!). My sisser loves to use me as a bed too, and I usually let her, at least for a while, and for the most part I'm pretty affectionate. I'm an all black kitty, and furry handsome my mommy says, I have a single white whisker that is very striking I think! Like my sisser, I don't like much people food or treats, or even 'nip! My favorite toy is the same as sisser, mousies!! I bitey their tails and heads off and then show the mommas what a good hunter I am!

I'm H-cat, and I'm a TUXEDO Kitty, and very very handsome and smart looking according to the mommas. I'm also a bobtail, not tailless, but it's short, and it's natural from what the V-E-T told them, I purr-robly have a bobtail breed in me, but I was a foundling so they don't know fur sure.I'm a totally mellow guy, and I adopted the male hooman as MINE, he's The Buddy and he's MINE! I get furry upset with him when he furgets this and goes away for a day or two! Then I have to give him the cold paw and pretend I don't care,but really I spend the whole time he's away lookin for him! I love my mommas too though, they give me food (I'll eat ANYTHING I can get! I'm a BIG boy and need it!), and pets and love too, even if they say I slurp too much when I wash, oops! I love stinky food and I know when it's time for it, and I YELL at the top of my voice for them to hurry, and I try to help them get it done faster. I also like milk(it doesn't upset my tummy). When I talk, you can understand my words, I can say "Mom, No, Milk, NOW" and a few other things,but the rest of the time I'm quiet as a mouse! I have a BIG purr though, and I love to use it!
I said I'm a foundling kitty, and it's true, the younger momma was staying with a furr-riend who'd had a tuxie kitty that ran away and made her and her little bean furry sad, and one day she was taking the little bean to skool and saw a tuxie wandering around. She thought it was hers, and when the little bean got out of the car i came right to her and started to purr. They didn't have time to figure it out right then, so the big bean brought me to her house, but they realized I wasn't her kitty after all. She was gonna let me go, but the Momma said no way, because I was sweet and loving and would end up hurt or going to the bridge if that happened, so she said she'd take me home! She did, and took me to the V-E-T a day or so later because I had a hurt spot on my side, the V-E-T said it was a cyst that burst, so I had stitches and had to wear a cone collar for a while,but now I'm happy and healthy and have had my furever home for 6.5 years! The V-E-T said I was about the same age as Miss M and Mr E, so I'll be 8 in the fall!

HI HI HI HI!!! I'm Little M and I'm 20 months old, more or less!! I'm a little black kitty, but a different black than Mr E, it's "softer", I have a white undercoat you can just see, and I have STRIPES like my bubby, but only if you know how to find them! Mommy says I'm all legs, tail and ears, but I think i'm still growin, so it's ok! I'm a happy little guy, I love to play with my bubby, or even by myself, I run around like my butt's on fire all the time, and then I crawl into a lap and sleep! I like to eat stinky food(H-cat shares, he takes care of me and bubby!), and crunchy food, and I'll ask for people food but then I don't eat it, but I like T-U-N-A and TREATS!!! yummy yummy! I like to POUNCE and wressle bubby, and to show how tough I am! I play hard and fast, I love to run up walls and spring off them, and to jump and all sortsa fun stuff, but I also love cuddles and snuggies from my Mommy! I DON"T like the dark, I get scared and think I'm all alone, so Mommy always turns a light on for me, or makes sure I can find someone to be with! Mommy says to tell you that bubby and I are rescued kitties, refugees from hurry-cane Wilma, the Buddy founded us where he works, our kittymommy had run away and hidded with our other bubbies and sissies, but didn't come back fur us, and there was a mean woofie who tried to EAT us there too, and the buddy knew he couldn't leave us acause we'd end up at the bridge(wuzzat mean Mommy?), so he called and the mommas told him to bring us home. We was little kitties then, mommy thinks maybe 4-5 weeks old, so we was awful small, and hadda stay in mommy's room with her all the time til we was big enough that the big kitties couldn't hurt us(mommy doesn't think they woulda, but they mighta been curri-ous and axadenally done somfin), then on chrissymouse day we got to come out and start 'splorin, and not too long after, we got to be free all the time and have lotsa room to play! Ok i gottsa stop now, Mommy says I hafta share with Bubby! BYE!! i'm gonna go POUNCE stuff!

Hi, I'm Little B, and I'm a tabby kitty, I look like a little Monty Q! Bubby already toldya how we got our furever home, so I'll just tell you 'bout me! I'm a snuggly boy when I wanna be, and that's a lot! I love to curl in one of my mommy's laps and suck on her finger(Mommy says that's acause I lost my kittymommy early,but it's ok, acause the hoomanmommys love me so much!) and purr and knead! I love treats and popcorn,and I'll eat people food if it's offered,but I don't go for the stinky food like bubby does. My favorite toy is the jingly fevver wand, I HIDE it so no one can steal it from me! I also like my house, I'll sit in it and poke my head up through the hole to make the hoomans say how cute I am! I'm a picky boy, I don't like moosic at all, I give Mommy dirty looks and leave if it comes on, and I HATE smelly stuff, mommy wears purr-foom and when she does I get MAD and won't come near her, and scowl if she pets me!

I think that's all fur now, it's NAPTIME!

Headbutts and purrs,
The Feline Sextet


Derby said...

Nice to meet all six of you. Looking forward to pictures.

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Hi ::waves paws:: can't wate to see pikshers! Yoo guys sound furry nice, we love meeting new frends.

Dragonheart said...

Congratulations on having a blog! :) It was nice to meet all of you. :)

Mungo N Teazer said...

Momma sez she'll try n help your momma wif pickshures when she comes home from shoppin' layter toonite.