Sunday, May 20, 2007


Mungo n' Teazer taggied us, so here's a meme! We's gonna post abouts us soon, we's still tryin to figger out how to share one bloggie 'tween the 6 of us!

Time of Day:Food time!
Day of the week:Doan have one of dem, but we doan like days when da hoomans goes and stays gone all day, we gets lonesome!
Season of the year:Anytime there's lotsa SUN in the winnows!
Holiday:We doan like da hollerdays, that means we have to go to "jail"(Mommy's room wif a shut door!) acause we won't stay outta the tree or pressies, we likes to eat bows tho!
Beaches:What's a beach? We thinks we lives near them, but we're indoor only kitties so we've never seen one
Song:We doan like moosic, mommy turns it on and we gives her evil looks and goes somewhere else!
Flower:Not sure which is our favurite but they sure look yummy!
Talk show:Wazzit? Mommy doan watch teevee much
Movie:Cats!!!!~~ We're gonna steal M&T's answer and add the LION the witch an da Warrode (Wuz a warrode anyway? or a witch?)
Soaps:Momma doan watch does eedur.~~ Our Mommy neifur
Beverage: Water, H is the only one who likes milk really, though little M sometimes will taste it if he gets a chance!
Fruit: Wuzzat?
Snack:Whisker Lickins~~ our favorites tooooo, 'cept TUUUUNA, yum yum!
Food:Stinky Goodness!!! H and Little M are only ones who eat it, the rest of us like crunchies better, but they gobble all the stinky they get,they doan have a favorite flavor, they likes it all except the seeeefood, Mommy says that's acause we get real TUUUUUNA so we's spoiled kitties!

We tag Max, Buddah, Jeter Harris, Monty Q and Millie and Jasmine!


Jeter and Mickey said...

thankz fer taggin me ... all six uv u!
i rote mi anserz on mi blog today.
i wuz laffin an laffin wid yer anserz. i wuz laffin an laffin wile watchin da yankeez beet da metz. finalee!
luv--yer frend--jh

Victor Tabbycat said...

Hi! Welcome to blogging. I can't wait to meet you - names, pictors, scents. Purrs!

Jeter and Mickey said...

hello sextet ...
ware ar yer pikshurz an yer namez?
luv--yer frend--jh

DEBRA said...

Hi efurryone!

It's furry nice to meetcha. We have 5 of us ofur at our house. C'mon ofur and bisit wif us when yu can.

Abby(the tiny manx)

Monty Q. Kat said...

Hey y'all!

Fanks for the tag, I'm on it!

Riley & Tiki said...

Welcome to the Cat Blogosphere! We are glad to meet you!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Hi ::waves paws:: we is happy to meet yoo, we loves to make new frends. Yoo shood tell yoor mom yoo is on here so she can put up yoor pikshers and stuff about yoo. We gots our mom involved frum da begin, bagen, er, start. Looking forward to hearing more about yoo!

The Crew said...

Hi everyone, glad to meet you. Welcome to our cat blogging community. Can't wait to see pictures & get to know you better.

Stop over and see us.

The Crew

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Hi hi hi! Welcome to blogging. Mommy & I just saw you on the blogosphere newspage and wanted to introduce ourselves.
I really like your list. There are lotsa kitty siblings at your house. I'm an only kitty (and I'm OK with that) but mommy thinks I may get lonely sometimes. Of course I have an evil alter ego (Bendrix) who keeps me company.
I love music. I even sit on the subwoofer (don't worry, my beans never have it loud enough to hurt me). That is part of the reason I got my name.
There is nothing wrong with being spoiled. Like you said, it's never enough! Stop and visit me sometime.
It is very nice meeting you.

The Meezers said...

Hi!! We is happy to meet you!!!

Dragonheart said...

Nice to meet the six of you and to learn about you! :)

Kimo & Sabi said...

Howdy - nice you meet you all! We can't wait to see photos of you so we can put some names to faces! Come visit us sometime - we'll add you to our bloggie roll.

sammawow-china cat-willow said...

Hi to all 6 of you! We just found you today and can't wait to see what you all look like! There's only 2 of us here and we'll come back to visit - hope you visit us too!

Purrrrrs, China Cat & Willow

Petey said...

Hi! There are 6 of us at our house too. You're welcome to come and visit us anytime. I don't get to post as much as I'd like to; it's all those damn yappers fault. Too many woofies means not enough quality time for us kitties.

None of us are from the same kitty mama, we are each 2 years apart. I'm the middle kitty; my bruddy Punkin is the oldest at 11 and my youngest bruddy is HockeyPuck and he will be 1 in August. I have 2 older sissyfurs, Luna who is 9 and Sooner who is 7 and I also have another younger bruddy, HGL, who is almost 3.
See you around- Pete, Punkin, Luna, Sooner, Happy-Go-Lucky and HockeyPuck

Zoey and the furballs (the Zoo Crew) said...

Hello there. We heard about you on the catblogsphere so we came over to meet you. Thanks for sharing and we'll be back to learn more!

Tara said...

Hi Kitties!! Welcome to the cat blogosphere! Can't wait to see you and learn more about you!

Bad Kitty Cats & Megan said...

AHHHHHH KITTY CATS>....... WE LOVE KITTY CATS> Wait, we are Kitty Cats and we are 12 Bad Kitty Cats... 4 soon to be adopted. We think.... hmnmmmm they are all bad Kitty Cats tho... 6 Is an excellent number but we think you need more. hehehe - sending much purrs and love

Bad Kitty Cats
and the Human Slave Megan

Bad Kitty Cats & Megan said...

Pictures..... we want to see your beautiful paws and faces.... if you needs help anyone can help - just plop an email down to someone - and BAM... it's done. Love Love

THE ZOO said...

Hi guys welcome to the blogosphere. nice to meet yoo.